Masking: a cruel & unusual punishment

Saturday, October 31, 2009

After dinner last night, we started masking out the basement to prepare for painting today (Happy Halloween!) Did I mention our basement is monstrously huge? Brandon did all the high masking, which was probably waaay more of a pain in the ace. I did the floor and anything else I could reach. Granted, I steam cleaned the carpet right before (thanks Fortes!) so major wet-booty while, I did that backwards?!

It took most of 3 hours to get the whole things masked, but we are ready to go for painting today. Brandon is seriously in love with the basement. He keeps calling it the "man cave," which I don't think is funny or cute. I'm pretty sure we are going to have a "wall of heads" soon (i.e. ram's head, future buck and fish, etc). Anytime I start using an excessive amount of phrases in quotation marks is a cause for concern.

The basement also has an adorable bar (thanks previous owners!) where we are also going to house our new mini-fridge and tap system. The fridge was an anniversary present from Brandon's parents (thank you!) and can hold up to a half-keg. Perfect addition to Brandon's "man cave"...JUST KIDDING, that's not what we're calling it.

There is also a lot of storage in the basement, which I loooove.

The back room, we are going to change into my future office and then someday a playroom!

The laundry room is big and will also be where the cats' food & stuff will be (oh, maybe a cat door? hehhee, cute)

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