Jinxy Cat

Friday, October 9, 2009

Ahhh, lunatic that I am...we got ANOTHER kitten. In early August, after my eye appointment, I sashayed into the pet store and made solid eye contact with a little darling of a kitten for a good 30 seconds. Afterwards, I met Brandon for dinner at Smokey Bones (our favorite!!) and told him that I loved that little cat that looked into my soul and I should've got it. He thought I was kidding and responded, "Go ahead." ...he should know better.

After dinner, I went straight back to the pet store and picked that sweet little bundle up. Her name is Jinx and she is all black with the tiniest white patch (looks like a bow tie) on her neck.

Lola, of course, was not impressed by our new addition.

But, as time as passed, Lola and Jinx have come to love each other. Lulu is nicer now and kind of just likes to leave people alone (what a teenager!) Jinx on the other hand has come into her own and showed as that she is truly a maniac. She wants to copy Lola in everything she does (drinking out of the fish tank, eating out of the same bowl, playing with Lulu's bouncy mouse- her favorite toy). They really make us laugh all the time and are so silly. Even though two cats (both crazy and bad) are a little much, they seem to suit us perfectly.

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