Goodbye old friend

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Brandon and I said goodbye to our dear Alero this week, as we traded her in for a new, more Erie-appropriate vehicle. We both felt sad last night as we emptied the Alero out and drove her over to the dealership. Even though she struggled through the past few weeks (i.e. driver window completely falling into the door, cruise control is scotch-taped down, C/H gauge doesn't work, etc), she was there with us for a lot of good times. She was also the car (besides the "Pontia"-still miss that thing) who saw us through all the long distance. She was a good and loyal friend to us and will be missed.

Top 5 reasons we'll miss the Alero:
5. It drives like a racecar.
4. The cruise control was always on (because I scotch-taped it down)
3. Great gas mileage
2. Knew the road from Washpa to Brooklyn to Johnstown by heart.
1. She was ours.

Although it is a bitter goodbye, it is definitely a sweet hello to our new car!! B and I spent the better part of Saturday at the Jeep dealership looking at some different vehicles and decided on a Midnight blue Jeep Grand Cherokee. So far-we love it. We have actually been driving it since Saturday (they gave it to us on "drive-out"). I think the heated seats are reason enough to have it...seriously love those heated seats. The Jeep is sooo much more Erie-appropriate and B has been having a blast driving through/over whatever he damn well pleases.

The weather has been a little less crazy this past weekend/week-so we haven't been able to try out our new hemi (yes, it has a hemi!!) to its full potential yet. We have no concerns though with this Erie winter and we know we'll get a chance to give it a go soon.

Other reasons for a great weekend:
3. got back from a long week in CA with work.
2. Splash Lagoon on Saturday AND Sunday with Cera & Gregg!

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