Baby Brain

Thursday, February 26, 2009

All is well in our lives. We have big plans for the year, we both have good-paying jobs, we go out on dates, we have gotten our routines and chores down pat, we have started working out again, I am volunteering at the library, we get to see our family, B is fishing and hunting, life is good.

Why is it then that I cannot get babies off the brain!?!!!?

We have both discussed it a million times that we want to enjoy just being together right now, especially after being apart for so many years (living long distance). We really have a good life and lots of exciting plans that are coming up this year...
1. Flagler, FL in 2 weeks!
2. 2 weddings in May
3. Beer Olympics in July
4. Hawaii in August

But it is baby bonanza in my mind. I am driving myself CRAZY. I never wanted to be that girl who nags and nags about having a baby. But I am her. I can't stand her. I think about babies, I write down baby names that I like, I stop and stare at baby clothes at the mall, every show I turn on has babies on it, an influx of my friends are getting pregnant all at once, it is BABY everywhere I turn.

Brandon just kind of ignores me when I go on baby-talking sprees. Hahhha, some how he has been able to hold his frustration with hearing about babies non-stop to a minimum. I am about ready to lash out at myself. I just want to be happy with our lives where we are right now and all the good we have in it and take advantage of it.

I seriously need to stop with the baby-thing. I'm going mad.

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