Gooood weekend!

Monday, January 19, 2009

2. B attempted to make wings yesterday all by himself. I was pretty impressed.
3. Had Sarah & Gregg over for the football game.
4. Yoga on Saturday
5. very productive Saturday (errands) and then out to dinner at Torero's.

The snow here has been ridiculous. It was absolutely FREEZING on Saturday. It only snowed a little bit-but the wind was out of control. When I went outside to go to church on Sunday, there was 3 ft. of snow (drift) outside of our door. Of course I was running late, so I had to make a leap for it, instead of shoveling it.

I am proud of our progress towards the New Year-New Us plan. We have both been trying harder to be the best us each day. We started waltz classes last week and it was awesome. We were both nervous before we got there but then had a blast the whole time. We were actually sweating by the end. haha, it was great.

We also have been hanging out with Erie friends recently. Thank goodness because I'm pretty sure we were becoming hermits-hah.

Lola is still bad and hilarious. We love her so much even though she's a complete terror. Brandon taught her to jump up into her little cubby while he holds it 2ft. off the ground. She has quite the talent. She still loves jumping into bags or boxes and she refuses to drink out of her bowl, she only drinks from the fish tank.

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