Around Here Week 45: 11/07-13

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

 A glimpse into what it is like to live in our home just this moment. 

Intentional Outdoor Hours: 555+ hours (of 1000)
Aw man, a super fall week of super fall beauty. Gosh - it was fall hardcore here this week which is usually a sign that it is very close to winter. It was perfect in all the ways - warm sunbeams, cool breezes, and leaves everywhere. I'm so glad we got out one afternoon to rake a pile of leaves to jump in because the very next day we got a little snow shower and turned everything to sloppy, muddy mess. The kids were all excited to see the snow though, so we've officially moved into winter mode and I added digging out the snow clothes inventory to my to do list! 

Reading and finishing Migrations by Charlotte McConaghy That novel chewed me up and spit me out but in the best way possible if that's a thing. Because I am still thinking about it and probably always will be. Such a good story with so many little loops and spirals to get lost in - just like real life. And the writing (!) so atmospheric and vivid. Big recommend from me. I started What I Carry by Jennifer Longo at the suggestion of my dear friend Shelly who I definitely trust in book recs because she is an avid reader with great taste. (check out her blog here). 

Satisfied with my minimal make-up routine! I ordered a stack from SubtlBeauty and it has been a really great and super easy addition to my mornings. It is quick and simple but also enough to make me feel like I'm put together and not rolling my eyes at every time I accidentally catch my reflection throughout the day (hah!)  this is not an ad, I am actually just happy with my experience and passing on the info. 

Especially thankful for my little sister; the veteran; my hero - Kitty. Happy veteran's day to all of our family and friends who have given so much so that we can breathe easy. 

Breathing a sigh of relief when we got our big four kids the first shot of the covid vaccine. 6 out of 8 family members vaccinated is pretty great and we are feeling safe and happy to have our kids' bodies with the cheater code installed for this virus. The kids took the vaccine like champs and had no adverse effects (they are always good with vaccines though).. 

Enduring hunting season in full swing. B and Grey headed out to Uncle Jonny's house on Wednesday and Thursday to attempt to bag a buck (no luck) but as I reminded Grey - even if you don't get a deer; time in the woods with your family and friends is never time wasted. The two of them had such a great time with Uncle Jonny -as always (thanks for hosting Ninna!) and I was so glad they got a chance to get away. Gem spent a morning with Pap in the shooting house out at Uncle Dave's one day this week and B took Rust to the hunting blind behind our house on Saturday afternoon. 

Sporting with 2 basketball practices for Gemma and two basketball games. It has been such a joy to watch her improve each and every game in some small way. She is really enjoying the game and her team and Brandon started to help coach because he literally was born to be on the bench encouraging and teaching kids (not even exaggerating). We closed out the football and cheer season with the end of the year banquet at 814 Lanes and Games on Sunday. The kids had a total blast and it was a really great afternoon buttoning up that season (Grey's last year in youth league! gulp!!) 

Making Chuck roast in the crockpot and then I made beef & noodles with the leftover roast later that week. We also had sheet pan kielbasa, potatoes, and veggies; copycat Olive Garden crockpot chicken and pasta; pizza bombs with crescent rolls, and copycat KFC chicken bowls. I also whipped up a batch of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies because YUM. 

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout! Love you friend!
    (And let me know what you think of the book. So good, and so heartbreaking!)