Around Here Week 43: 10/24-30

Thursday, November 4, 2021

 A glimpse into what it is like to live in our home just this moment. 

Intentional Outdoor Hours: 548+ hours (of 1000)
The weather is really turning the corner and nothing is more clear an indicator than the sky in the morning and the evening. The sunsets have been incredible and in the morning there is all that spooky fog. I think this was probably peak week for viewing the autumn leaves on the trees too - it always hits a tipping point where it is so brilliantly beautiful and then BAM! the trees are bare the next day. 

Reading Migrations by Charlotte McConaghy and getting into the chilly season. I picked this book because I read a lot of reviews about her nature imagery and how it reminded a lot of people of Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel (which I read earlier this year and loved). Just getting started but already liking it! 

Coordinating school outfits each day this week as both the elementary school and the high school celebrated Red Ribbon Week. The kids had pajama day, jersey day, and anything but a back pack day (hs) among other themes. On Friday Grey wore his costume to school and I packed up the girls costumes for their fall fest party. 

Excited to work with Moms of Tweens and Teens who shared an article I wrote for them: 10 Ways to Hug Your Teen Son. I'm a big believer in the Virginia Satir quote about getting enough hugs a day (we need 4 to survive, 8 to maintain, and 12 to grow!) So even as my kids get bigger, I still need to be intentional in getting those physical touches of affection in for them to be healthy and happy. 

Always surprised by Violet's artwork. She's very into mixed media these days and so she's been tearing apart random things (oh sheesh) and affixing them to her drawings. When she gets inspired, there is no stopping her from creating. It's really a wonder - always has been!

Researching minimalist make up. Ugh, I've made it to 38 years old and finally feel like I need some kind of make up routine. I literally know nothing about make up because on a daily basis my make-up routine is moisturizer for my face and then Cover Girl lip stain that stays on all day. If I'm going to a wedding or a fancy dinner then I put on some mascara and maybe blush too. I know - punch me in the face - I'm annoying. But these past few weeks, I've been looking in the mirror and really feeling....old? tired? bleh? So I need some make up that takes literally under 3 minutes (because I am an impatient brat) and something that helps make me less old and tired. I'm leaning towards SubtlBeauty (thanks for the suggestion - Kitty). 

Dressing up for Halloween. Grey was a Globetrotter with four of his friends, Gemma was Sandy from Grease along with one of her best friends Cooper who went as Danny. Violet dressed up like Evie from Descendants. Rusty was a member of the Miyagi Dojo (we watch too much Cobra Kai, hah). Reddy was a hunter (I was a deer for trick-or-treating!) and Liv was a pumpkin! 

Trick-or-Treating twice (!) this week. We had great weather for Thursday night when we walked all through the neighborhood with friends and then had some snacks post-treating at the Huffman's house (thanks for hosting!) Grey was too cool and hung with his friends all night up ahead of us. Gemma had an awesome time going from house to house with Cooper. Violet met up with a friend too and they were so sweet being so surprised and thrilled to find a classmate along the way. Rust and Red hung with us while Heather pushed Liv in the stroller up and down all the streets (thank you!) Then we went again on Saturday night at Aunt Kitty's house. Another great neighborhood - house after house. Kitty had pizza for us and our whole Adams family was at the house. And now our house is overrun with Halloween candy - HAH. 

Giggling about Red's confusion with trick-or-treating. He thought that at every house when you got candy, you just ate it. Like, why are we carrying bags at all? Just eat it right now. So it was a little bit of a struggle, but by the end of day 2 he was starting to figure it out. Oh, those wacky toddler years - sometimes I don't know whether to laugh or cry!  

Asking Heather to be Olive's godmomma (finally!) I had been holding back on this question for so long as I tried to finalize the arrangements for Olive's baptism at our new church - and now that things are coming together, I was so grateful to ask Heather. Olive is so lucky to get you as a Godmomma, Heather - you are always looking out for each of my family members (especially me) and I am so grateful to have you in my life. Thank you for promising to be there for Livy Lou. 

Packing up the two biggest for sleepovers on Friday night. Grey spent the night at the Rummells house and getting to go to the Thomahawk hockey game (thank you!!) while Gem spent the night at my parents' house going for a long bike ride. (thank you!)  It is always such a blessing for the kids to get special one-on-one time with people who love them. 

Sporting with one basketball practice for Gem before her games started this weekend. She played her first game on Saturday and they did well for the first time out of the gate. Gem is playing up with the fifth grade team and then the whole team is in a league with mostly sixth grade teams (hah), so they will probably take a few beatings this year but come out way stronger for it in the end. I am excited to see how much she grows and learns. Brandon had Varsity football walk through on Thursday and then OC'ed for the Varsity on Friday night at the away game. 

Making ham in the crockpot, teriyaki chicken over rice, turkey tacos, chicken parm over spaghetti, and ordering in pizza before trick-or-treat in our neighborhood. 

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  1. So many good pictures. The one of Rust reading on the couch with all those fall colors behind him is gorgeous.
    Gemma’s costume is adorable!!
    Your morning fog is 100% swoon worthy. Makes me want to light a candle and crack open a book.
    Your deer costume make up is spot on- what a cute idea. Love it!!
    Little Liv is the most delicious butterball pumpkin I have ever seen. I cannot. How is she cuter each week?!
    And lastly, keep us posted on how Migrations is. I just finished her newer book Once There Were Wolves and I devoured that book. It was un-put-down-able. So so good and beautifully written.