Blog everyday in June

Monday, June 1, 2020

To write everyday was a goal I had set for the month of May when I created my 100 small things list for the year. But apparently, I drastically overestimated my ability to recover from a c-section, take care of an infant, homeschool our two big kids, teach my students virtually, and have all five kids home everyday during a pandemic..

But the summer has arrived (for me today! and for the two big kids on Thursday!) 
So I'm going to go for it!

Writing for me gets all the floating ideas out of my head and into clear, semi-organized sense. It pushes me to be creative. I helps me feel less distracted. It is my favorite outlet for creativity. It brings settled peace to my heart that often times feels too much and tugs too deep. 

I have some thoughts on what I will blog about, some ideas which have been in my drafts for too long and some things that have just been on my mind recently. And I created a blogging calendar to  map out some thoughts on what I will be writing each day to keep me focused and organized. Some of the topics I'm thinking about include
  • four kids' birthday posts (!)
  • Around Here posts (to keep current)
  • Studerbabies farm update
  • intentional personal growth series
  • lessons learned from five kids and 10 years of mom'ing
  • list of ways to support moms with new babies
  • school year recap 
  • limit setting for kids
  • outdoor hours
I'll also happily take suggestions!

So I hope to write
even if it's just a little tiny something
even if it seems like one more thing I have to add to my plate
even if I feel like I have nothing to say
even if all five kids are making me crazy
even if the goats have jumped the fence (hah, yeah - we'll get to that story)
I'm going to write something each day. 

I'd love to blog/write along with you if you need some motivation to get that paper to pen or those fingers to keyboard! It's always easier to finish a challenge if you have a buddy. 


  1. SO excited to hear you're blogging each day too. I'm a little nervous this year as I feel at a loss for words, but I'm hoping the challenge will help me push through the rut. Can't wait to read your posts!

  2. So crazy- but I was planning to write everyday in June as well! So I'll be doing this right alongside you!