Keto: Month 1

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

So...we are doing Keto. Hah. That's so annoying and I hate being all like, "oh, sorry, can't eat that - we are eating Keto." but this where we've come and this is who we are. hah.

Brandon and I started eating Keto on June 1 and we committed to try it for a month, just to try to reset our eating and food choices. This is not a new thing, we do weird stuff for short periods of time because we're weird and we like challenges.

Prep:  So we set a one month goal of Keto and went for it. I did most of the research - reading up on blogs, following Keto instagram accounts, watching youtube videos, and pinteresting recipes. But it was so helpful to have B totally supportive and doing it with me. We use the app Carb Manager to track our food (it's free!) and it keeps track of all of our macros which I think is the biggest reason we didn't get the "keto flu." We were really serious about sticking to the Keto macros of 70% fat, 25% protein, and 5% net carbs from our caloric intake each day. We also drink tons of water - at least 48-56oz a day which I think helped us.

Initial thoughts: The first two days were strange - we were pretty hangry and our brains felt a little off (kind of like buzzed from alcohol) and then by the end of day three we started to feel good - great even. It helped too that I had already bought food that was Keto approved and we had it on hand. These foods really came in handy those first 2-3 days when our body was trying to adjust: avocado, cheese sticks, eggs, lunchmeat & cheese, and almonds.

Trying new things: Once we were in Ketosis, we started to expand our menu options. I learned about fat bombs and now we always have a batch in the freezer (great for the end of the day when you need a little boost for your macros - or the perfect mid-afternoon energy boost). We made Keto bagels, tried Bulletproof coffee and La Croix/Bubly. Brandon became a master at making zoodles (zucchini noodles), we fell in love with cauliflower rice, and we made tortillas out of fried cheese (mind blown forever).

What I missed: the only thing I was missing during the month was being able to just eat something that was already there. And this is coming from a huge bread and chocolate lover! (I still eat chocolate, just 85% dark chocolate). It is pretty annoying to have to actually MAKE something to eat; you can't just eat whatever is sitting there already. But I don't miss bread, I don't miss fruits (!), I don't miss potato chips - nothing. I just miss not having to do work for food (hahhahha).

The truth: Towards the end of the month, I started feeling a little anxious about going back to eating "normal" again. This month of Keto has literally felt liberating. I cannot begin to explain how much of a prisoner I felt like to food before this. I know that sounds really extreme, but truthfully I felt so hungry all.the.time. I could not get satisfied; I would eat breakfast and then a half hour later I would find myself needing a snack. My portion sizes were out of control because I constantly felt famished and then I was speaking terribly to myself in my mind - but I was so hungry! On top of the hungry I was so sluggish. I didn't have energy or motivation to do much of anything - certainly not exercise, but even tackle a big chore/task. I really didn't feel like that sparkling ball of Tab in my soul; I was so tired and so hungry and so hatefully unmotivated. How long had I been feeling like that? 10 years? my whole adult life?!

And on Keto, I am satisfied. I don't know - I cannot explain this and I am no nutritionist or doctor at all. But I don't have that hungry-sluggish feeling AT ALL. It is nothing now to have a coffee in the morning and feel great until noon when I have a proper brunch. And it tastes so good and I can feel the energy rising up in my body and then I'm good to go until a late afternoon snack. It is honest to goodness freedom. I feel awake and energized and satisfied. Any weight that has been lost is NOTHING in comparison to the freedom of not being hungry and tired all the time. It's the reason I am still doing it now, I don't want to feel like that again. The taste of carbs could not offset that crummy, bloated, exhaustion state.

So what happened? In customary male vs female weight loss; B lost about double the weight that I did. He lost a total of 15 lbs in the month and I lost 8 lbs. Despite the minimal weight loss that I had, I definitely like the person that is in my mirror reflection better now. I also had a lot of non-scale victories in this month; I fit into summer pants that I couldn't when I bought them last year, and I purchased the pair of shorts that came in my Stitch Fix and wore them!!! (big deal bc I haven't worn shorts in public for about 10 years). We didn't do any actual measurements of our body but I did take pictures the first of the months and you can see small changes.

If I'm being honest, it was about the weight at the start of this. I didn't like the girl that was looking back at me in the mirror and knew I needed a change. But now after getting this feeling of freedom from food, the weight just feels like a bonus to actually feeling better. Like my real self can shine through because the fog of hunger and exhaustion isn't blocking the way all the time. I'm still tired at the end of the day and fall into bed with desperate relief - hello, mother of four - but it's a tired that comes from getting stuff done all day and spending time with the kids playing and exploring; actually participating in life!!

Again, I AM NOT A NUTRITIONIST, I'm not even close to an expert on Keto, but this has worked so far for me. I still have a long way to go; I daydream about the day that my 1month 'after' photos will be my 'before' photos - but it takes baby steps...small good choices each day; each meal! As much as the weight coming off feels good - the being awake and energized is more valuable to me; as a mum, wife, and me as my own person. I want to feel like I have the energy and stamina to participate in this one, great, beautiful life. And Keto has helped me.


  1. You look fantastic! I've never done Keto, but I did do 90 days of no sugar and very limited caffeine this winter/spring and I felt exactly like you describe - freedom! Sadly, I've fallen right back into old habits (ice cream is just soooo good in the summer, hah!) but plan to start again in the fall. Proud of you mama!

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