Around Here 14-15: 04/01-04/14

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

A glimpse into what it is like to live in our home just this minute.

Mimi and her ten Great Grandchildren! (she also has four grandkids too!)

Intentional Outdoor Hours:  30+ hours (of 1000)
We got a lot of dog walks in these past two weeks and I've been using them as some one-on-one kid time too. Grey and Gem have been loving to get a chance to just be with me and the dogs and chat all about school or their friends or the sports season. It's been nice for me too to listen to them ramble on as they tell me about all the little normal things that pop into their brain. Spring sports have helped up our outdoor time too between baseball and soccer practices as well as Fishmas was our first 7+ hour day outside. Hopefully this endless winter will tire out finally and give us some sunshine and warm soon. #gohomewinteryouredrunk

Reading and finishing our Books & Brews book club choice 4 Years Trapped in my Mind Palace by Johan Twiss. It was a sweet and simple read that was self-published (a deserved applause for that in itself!) I was most happy to meet up with my favorite nerds at a pizza pub and enjoy good food and conversation at our book club meeting. Next on the docket for book club is I'm the One Who Got Away by Andrea Jarrell. 

Spending time with family for Easter and Mimi's 80th birthday! We are always blessed on holidays to have so many people who want to share food and time with us. I keep that sentiment in my heart during those moments when I think we're running around too much because gratitude is how I believe life maintains its brilliance. We got up super early to see what the Bunny left us and then got decked out in our Easter best to head to 8am mass (for posterity's sake: Greyson STILL hates pants and it was a fight that morning with him to get him to put on pants to go to Easter mass.  My child has worn only mesh shorts and baselayer for two years straight unless he is threatened by me because it's a holiday mass, i'm not exaggerating. #Lawdhelpme) After mass, we headed out to Kuma and Buck's for brunch and birthday celebrating for Mimi who turned 80 on Easter! 

Celebrating our biggest kid on his eighth birthday! Grey was pleased as punch as he is every year to spend most of his birthday weekend at fishing camp. On his actual birthday we had a surprise brunch out to eat with Aunt Uch and Kevin followed by baseball practice with baseball donuts and a hilarious unharmonized version of happy birthday from his teammates (haha). I made pumpkin roll for his 'cake' and then I got to join him at his school for lunch too! It's shocking every year to come to the realization that we are now parents of this oldest age child - to so easily be able to go back in time in a blink and remember his face in the hospital, our first little babe who made us parents. Eight years we've been at this gig and still have no freaking idea what we're doing (LOL). So grateful that we have this boy though that is so gracious with leading us through each new age and stage.  I mean, I want to smack him thirty times a day, but the dude sure puts up with his own share of our parenting 'winging it' attempts. Gosh booboo, we love ya. 

Starting spring sports seasons in the coldest weather ever. waaah. After having to cancel two soccer practices because of cold and rainy/snowy weather - we finally had our first practice a week later than originally scheduled. Chum and I are coaching our little red team and they are so sweet and hilarious -but actually really catching on to the game, rules, and the idea of passing. Grey's baseball games have been frigid but their team is doing well. Grey adores his teammates and get so invested in the season that he's in that it's all he thinks about (#justlikeDad). He has been repeatedly disappointed by cancelled games due to weather, but no worries, he likes throwing a tennis ball up against the wall at home thirty million times in a row #pleasehurrywarmweather

Raising chickens and deciding on a chicken coop design! These ten little chickies of ours are growing like weeds and we are all ready for them to be moved into their own home OUTSIDE! We've been taking them out when the weather cooperates enough and they have been cute getting acclimated to the free space and stretching their wings (they love hop/flying!) 

Wetting lines for Mentor fishing day and Fishmas! The boys' favorite season of the year. Grey learned to fly fish this year and caught on like (sorry for the pun) a fish to water. He is such a fisherman deep in his bones. I asked him if he had to pick between baseball and fishing -he picked fishing no question and then I said what about football and fishing and he thought about it for a few seconds and said, "oooh, that one's tough, but yeah, fishing.  HAH. And our son loves baseball and football, so his passion for fishing is off the charts. That child can't sit still to save his life, unless he has a rod in his hands. The boys spent two weeks in a row at fishing camp (#Greysdreamlife) and the rest of us stopped out and enjoyed the incredibly beautiful day we had on Fishmas. Nicest day we've had yet in terms of sun and warmth. It was bliss and we were all totally fine getting sunburned because we're dying for some summer. 

Teaching and being able to see the end of the year in sight! We finished up our novels in Spanish 2 and Spanish 2 Honors; as a final project the students did RAFT writing assignments based on different characters in the books. I loved (and laughed) through many of them as the students got super creative with design and hashtags. It feels both a relief and overwhelming that it is the last nine weeks of the year - still so much to do! - but also - yay! Moving on to our novels for Spanish 3 (Fiesta Fatal) and Spanish 1 Honors will be starting Capibara con botas!

Making who knows what?! We've been running on concession stand food and cereal. HAH. 

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