Around Here Week 3: 01/14-01/20

Sunday, January 21, 2018

A glimpse into what it is like to live in our home just this moment.

Intentional Outdoor Hours: less than an hour (of 1000)
I contemplated twice this week getting out and walking during lunch time, but when I looked at my weather app and saw that it was under 20degrees both times I just couldn't bring myself to do it. And then when the weather turned nicer this weekend I was in bed sick. So this week was another bust, but I'm dying to get outside asap.

Reading A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles with my Books and Brews local book club. I cashed in my Barnes and Nobles gift card from Mimi for Christmas on two new books for future reads: The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin and Everyday by David Levithan because I saw the movie trailer and um, yes please.

Loving our basketball family as we all pull together for a teammate who got some very scary news this week. In a matter a few days, the basketball moms and the student body pulled together to make our Thursday game so special and charitable for him and his family. We are saying prayers and thinking good thoughts and we have so many minds on upcoming fundraisers in his honor. Our home game was actually against my students' team - so I was cheering and clapping for both teams as I won either way and lost either way. It turned out to be a great game and I was proud of all those kids that I know and care about on the floor from both teams!

Starting our attempt at #screenfreeWednesdays this week and kind of loving it. It also happened to be the day we had a 2hr delay at school, so the kids weren't thrilled. I was making the sign to hang on the tv and Grey was like, "Are you seriously making a sign? Come on Mom" which I replied, "you'll learn so babe that I'm pretty extra." (LOL but seriously). We made it through the whole day with no home screens and instead played together, read books, and they went to bed early. My AntiSocial app is my favorite thing I've done so far on my 100 small things list. I finished my two weeks of tracking my usage and then set my daily limit to 45 minutes on social media (instagram/facebook). It has really kept me in check on how much I'm wasting time on my phone. I hate that I need it, but I do.

Laughing about Vially and all her funny threenager wisdom. She thinks she's a vampire because she has two teeth on the bottom that are sharp. So when Rusty was annoying her in the car this week, she said, "Ugh, Rusty is being rude to me, can I drink his blood?" She can count to ten but then it gets a little silly - "...ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, eleventeen, one-teen" So happy to hear eleventeen has made a come back in our home and very pleased to meet one-teen!

Prepping for the 100th day of school which is later this month. Gem counted out 100 mini marshmallows and I finally had a chance to do some closet cleaning during our Act80 day earlier this week. I still have a long way to go, but I hung up a new string of bulb lights, classroom posters, and threw away a ton of unnecessary copies that I inherited. Exciting that it's the 100th day of school milestone but also this next few weeks in the Jan-Feb-March months are tough ones for teachers. Send us all a little prayer if you have an extra one.

Suffering through a bout of the GI bug in our house. Gem missed school on Friday and I made it all the way to last period before I threw up in the school bathroom (#classicteacher) and muscled through the last twenty minutes of the school day. It mildly hit Violet and Rusty but was full blown for Me and Gem, so we were quarantined to mum&dad's bed where we watched the firestick for 24 hours while B held down the fort. Luckily Grey was protected at his sleepover at the Stankan's house (thank you!) We are all doing better now and B has the paranoid feeling that it's just going to come out and hit him out of the blue. Fingers crossed that the several bottles of disinfectant he sprayed all over the house this weekend killed.all.the.germs.

Making three ingredient chocolate muffins for 2hr delay morning breakfast. We had a snack dinner of buffalo chicken dip and dippers (chips & chopped veggies) while we watched the Steeler playoff game, black bean, corn, and rice chowder, chicken chimichangas, and B made chicken noodle soup and potato soup when we were in the throws of disease this weekend. #besthuzever We also had our monthly 'grown up' dinner together (albeit at 10:30p after a late basketball practice). The kids had frozen pizza and I made B and I crispy shrimp and linguine alfredo - so yum.

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  1. LOVE the idea of screen free Wednesdays! I may have to adopt that even though they'll hate me...being cooped up inside this winter has them watching WAY more than normal.