100 Small Things 2018

Monday, January 1, 2018

hi. don't mind me - just geeking out over the new year over here. 
I just love it. I love a crisp, clean new planner. I love looking out across the expanse of the whole year's worth of months with binocular-eyes and marking down all the exciting things we have to look forward to (weddings! Final Beer Olympics! Our 10th wedding anniversary! sports seasons! summer break! Bermuda visit!). I love getting all reflective and nostalgic as I flip through last year's planner and see all the wins and losses we had through the months - all the to do list items checked off, the surprise plans (some happy, some terribly sad) that got scribbled in last minute.  How lucky I feel to be living this exact life in all of it's wild, overwhelming, funny, beautiful messiness and with these exact people who make everything better and also easier to bear. 

And then new years comes and it's like - look, we get to do it all again together. A little different this time as we are all a little older and new days bring new experiences and challenges and joys....and also a little similar though too because we lean into our people and traditions and make space for the things we hold dear.

it is all just too much for my little heart and I find myself with teary eyes and a huge grin on my face through the last week of the past year and the first week of the new year. Crossing that bridge to kiss all my favorite moments of 2017 goodbye with a hug (and also a "PEACE OUT" to all the hard times) and to look out across the expansive landscape of the new year with outstretched arms shouting, "I love you already! I am so grateful to get to try again!"  

I know, I know...reel it back in here, tab. 
So in the spirit of trying again and being better and living with intention and grace, I'm crafted up another year's worth of 100 Small things. This is my fourth year of creating a list of 100 small things I hope to accomplish in the year.  I wrote one in 2015 and finished 48 of 100 tasks.  In 2016, I finished 38 tasks entirely for the year, and last year 2017, I completed 26 tasks total (with a whole bunch of 'bonus' tasks in there that we didn't plan for but gave us quite a bit of growing the accomplishment). Despite the fact that my total goals completed keeps getting less each year (!?) I also know enough to give myself grace that life is also becoming a little more tricky each year. We've added more kids into our family since I started this thing - B has switched jobs, I started jobs, the kids are in more activities - it's harder to find the time to squeeze in all these little extras. 

...but that doesn't make it less important to my soul to attempt. And so I'm back at it again this year with big and little goals all with the intention of becoming the person I want to be 'when I grow up.' (I know that technically I'm grown up now, but a little bit better me each day is my motto, right?)  Eternally grateful to Ashley from Big White Farmhouse who first introduced me to 100 Small things (you inspired more joy into my life - thank you! thank you! thank you!) 

1. Limit phone distraction/scrolling using the anti-social app (tracks usage for 2weeks and then you can set limits)
2. 1000 hours outside
3. daily yoga (app and after school class!)
4. facetime weekly date with Kitty
5. afternoon hot tea
6. walk during school lunch at least two times a week
7. writing retreat with Loni
8. unsubscribe from junk email
9. screen free Wednesdays
10. clear out phone photo album of old stuff already backed up
11. implement a morning routine
12. implement a nighttime routine

1. Read 12 new-to-me books
2. Figure out cert plan and put into motion
3. watch 10 TED talks
4. review 3 books for Blogging for Books
5. revamp the curriculum plan (summer break) for all levels
6. write 100 blogposts
7. take Spanish Praxis
8. learn to drive stick shift
9. participate in a writing challenge (or writing course)
10. listen to podcasts while folding laundry
11. create an efficient and easy tracking system for my planner (water count, exercise, mood, etc)

1. finish Mud on the Mountain
2. zip up my wedding dress
3. eat mindfully
4. track water intake of at least 6 cups a day
5. walk/run 30 miles a month (360 miles for the year)
6. run/walk the Jim Mayer trail
7. paddleboard on the Que
8. try a local gym class
9. leave a pair of glasses in the car for night driving

1. finish 2016-17 family yearbook
2. finish 2017-18 family yearbook
3. participate in screen free week 2018
4. celebrate YES Day! (June 30)
5. join the PTA
6. sign Violet up for a painting class at the community arts center
7. take a photo of Violet in my wedding dress (same photos as Gem at 3y!)
8. run in a 5k with Greyson
9. create a 1second video
10. teach B how to french braid
11. create a 2018 family gratitude jar

1. co-ed volleyball league
2. nsfw
3. proper celebration of our 10 year anniversary
4. last will & testaments!
5. grown-up only dinners with food the kids don't like (they can eat pizza/mac&cheese)
6. make our bed a no-phone zone
7. babysitter secured date night once a month
8. nsfw
9. greet B at the door when he comes home from work
10. have B teach me how to play poker
11. play nsfw poker (hah)
12. have a schedule check-in once a week

1. AKT plus kids trip!
2. Sundays at Mimi's for breakfast
3. properly celebrate Mimi's 80th birthday
4. finally (!!) celebrate Kate & my birthday
5. AKT 35th birthday trip
6. find a special way to thank our Beer Olympics friends - make the 10th annual event really special
7. respond and comment thoughtfully to blogs and instagrams that inspire me
8. scf & girls sleepover
9. grandma & kids trip make a comeback!
10. participate in our neighbor's community garden
11. reconnect with my favorite friends via phone call or email

1. donate blood at least six times this year
2. volunteer in Grey and Gemma's classes (parties, mystery reader, etc)
3. create three folder packages for Raph (Worldvision)
4. send snail mail to the Gilmores
5. recommit to our 12 Months of Kindness project - make the tasks kid-centered
6. CVAA human library
7. volunteer for kids' sports/leagues in a meaningful way

1. visit Kitty and Ryan in Bermuda !!
2. Flight 93 memorial
3. family Idlewild trip
4. camping with the Stankan family in Pine Creek
5. sleepover at the Gilmore's house
6. try three local new-to-us restaurants
7. No bummer summer list creation & completion with the Fiores
8. visit PA Grand Canyon
9. take family to 1000 steps

1. finish basement bathroom
2. roof a porch
3. get a kayak (or two)
4. make Lisa's gram's cinnamon rolls
5. purchase new oven mitts
6. makeover our mailbox
7. make the kids' rooms their own (research, new mattresses, re-paint, curtains, storage, etc)
8. finish outdoor fire pit
9. finish steps into the house
10. power wash the siding
11. update the photos in the stairs hallway

1. finish Beer Olympics planning toolkit
2. encourage Grey to create more flies for his etsy shop
3. attend two expos with The Hunting Daddies
4. expand The Hunting Daddies child's clothing items
5. take professional photos for The Hunting Daddies website
6. meet with our financial planner for a check-in
7. start a cash savings jar

So, onward, friends.
thank you for always supporting me through your encouraging comments and recommendations for completing tasks and for sharing your wishes and goals. It's the new year and my heart is brim-full of hope for every great thing each of us will do and experience and inspire and create this year. And for even just this one moment - I love every single thing everywhere.  xxoxo


  1. You know how much I love this! Wishing you a wildly successful (and messy and beautiful and fun...) 2018. xoxo

  2. I just spent 10 minutes unsubscribing from junk email and I feel like I emptied a full closet. I'm riding that high, baby!
    Love this whole list and am continually inspired by you!

  3. Your list is so inspiring!! I am making a list of 50 small things because I think that is much less intimidating for me! This is my FAVORITE type of monthly goal tracker that you could easily slip into your planner (or hang on the fridge for your whole family to keep you accountable...) http://www.girlyplanners.com/accomplishing-your-goals-with-your-planner/

  4. Love this, love this, love this! Can’t wait to share my list with you! As usual, thanks for the inspiration and great read.