I've actually never...

Monday, April 21, 2014

taking a cue cue from Chantelle over at Fat Mum Slim, I've decided to write today about some things I've never done  - some of them yets and some of them probably never wills.
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Actually, I've never...

I've never liked pepperoni, even though I've really really tried to eat it and act like I don't mind it.  I've never cooked lamb, and I've never tried escargot.

I've never been arrested, never been in a fist fight, never got a speeding ticket, and never tried pot.

I've never pulled an all-nighter; I think I might be physically incapable of it.  The closest I've ever come was in middle school at a sleepover when we stayed up until 4:30am watching Dirty Dancing over and over and then all passed out until like noon.

I've never had braces, never dyed my hair blue or green, and never been very good at plucking my eyebrows.

I've never traveled to Europe (!!) although I have aspirations to.  I do however feel a stronger sense of desire to see more of South America and Asia.

I've never been allergic to anything, never been hungry or homeless, and never have I been held at gunpoint.

I've never pierced anything more than my original two holes in my ears from when I was a child and even in those I really only wear earrings on special occasions.

I've never scuba dived, ran a half marathon (let alone a full marathon), bungee jumped, or jumped out of an airplane.

I've never seen Star Wars all the way through, never learned to play poker, and never had a pizza I didn't like.

Does this list prove that I'm really boring, really lucky, or really average?
What have you actually never done?


  1. I have never gotten a tattoo, smoked a cigarette or tried weed.
    I have never had a daughter, been to Mexico or seen the Atlantic ocean.
    And sadly, I have never met you in person! :(

  2. I've never seen Star Wars.
    I've never been snowmobiling.
    I've never eaten lobster.
    I've never been the older sibling.