thank YOU thursday: our Ninna

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dear Nin, 
By all accounts we really should be classified as a successful modern-day platonic arranged marriage.  
I don't know if we would have met and became friends on our own otherwise (which would have been an awful shame), but considering our age difference, interests, and locale - the stars did not seem aligned.  Even when you were going to college in my hometown, it was during the brief time that I didn't live here.  How would we have found each other?

But instead, one day in May of 2008, B and I met up with our visibly nervous best friend because he wanted to introduce us to his girlfriend.  After hanging out at his parents' house for a little while, we headed out while B and I shared confused glances in the car ride over; this chick must be pretty important for our normally stoic friend to be fumbling around with sweaty palms.

And then we met you.

And it was clear why our best friend was so nervous; you were the one.  And since our husbands are so confusingly the same person half the time; it was also obvious that it would need to be the start of our arranged marriage together:  the wives.  Their friendship is the lifetime sort, so ours would inevitably be too.  It was sort of a big deal that we hit it off.

The reason I think you and I have done so well together is because we never tried to be anything that we aren't naturally.  We grew to learn more about each other, and then respect each other, and above all be there for each other.

I hand my kids off to you without instructions and know unequivocally that they're in good hands.  You know where I keep all my dishes and hide the good snacks at our house.  We've planned parties together; endured hunting & fishing seasons; found fun things to do during golf outings; shared favorite books, appetizers, and drinks; and spent every news year together since we've met.  There's no friend jealousy or hard feelings about unanswered texts - we just get each other.  We're more than friends; more like chosen family.

And after five years of growing friendship, love, and respect (seriously we're married) - we took it to the next level.  Business partners; where the same well-oiled machine type interaction continues. I do the writing and you take care of the numbers.  If I forget something, you don't.  We work well together in business because we trust and respect each other.

It may not have started as a friendship that grew out of wild nights making foggy memories together (although we do share those, hah!) but our relationship is one of my most valued.

Just in case you don't know (but I'm pretty sure you do), Nin, you're like my right hand woman.  I'm so grateful to have you in this life of camo and husband reindeer games and navigation of a publishing company.

thank you for all of it, Nin.
seriously I love you like a sister wife,

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