the world according to Greyson

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Our Greyson is 3 and half now.  He is loud, fast-moving, and too clever for his own good.

He went to the kitchen during quiet time, climbed up on the counter, got a handful of cookies, and then walked up the steps with them behind his body so that we couldn't see them from the living room.  When Brandon asked, "Grey, what do you have?"  He called out, "Nothing!" followed by giggles and quicker steps.

Grey recently learned to wink one eye and I immediately sent out a tiny prayer to future high school girls, "I am so sorry."

After Booboo's suffered through a few minutes in time-out, he'll announce that he's been 'dreaming' about what he did wrong and he 'won't do it ever again.'  Recent things he's 'dreamed about' in time-out include hitting Gemmi, shooting his nerf gun at Trixie, and pushing Gem off of the couch. 

while watching tv together -
Dora: Say backpack! Say backpack! I tap Greyson's leg - 
Greyson: Backpack.
Mum: Good job, Buddy.
Greyson: Mum, you know if you don't say it, it still comes up.

Greyson:  "Mum, I'm not hungry right now.  Dad fed me last year." 

Grey says "Sure" or "Sure, I can" when we ask him to do favors for us.  

Yesterday = "Last Day"
(Brandon says he doesn't ever want to teach him the word 'yesterday' because he loves Grey's use of 'last day' so much)

When Gemmi is teasing him-
"Mum, she's worsting me!"

Grey is very polite in the morning and at mealtimes, he is always the first one to ask how everyone is enjoying their time - for example:
"So, Mum, how was your sleep last night?  What were you dreaming about?

"Dad, how is your dinner?"

He is usually very patient with his little sister who wants to do exactly everything that he does at exactly the same time.  He has been practicing calling for 'Help, Mum!' if Gem is trying to tease him (take his drink, turn off the tv, steal his snack, take his toy, etc) instead of dealing with her with his own hands/voice. 

Booboo makes attempts all day to include Gem in weird little games where they run around in a tight circle chasing each other and belly laughing, or hiding from me while I cry out in a confused voice, 'Greyson!  Gemma!  Where are youuuuu?'  He likes to get her up in the morning (after checking with me) and announce, "Look who I found!  A little Gremlin!"  

great hiding place
There is a very thin line between spooky and scary, and he loves all things spooky.  He likes playing in dark rooms with flashlights, looking at spiders, talking about ghosts, witches, and goblins.  Last weekend, we spent a large part of our country roads drive pointing out spooky houses and barns.  But the moment something crosses the line to scary, he's done.  Scary things include movies/shows where children get separated from each other or their parents, unfamiliar noises coming from shadows, and anything that might try to come to our house at night (monsters, bad guys).

My some of my very favorite moments of the day are when I say a few sentences to Grey about something we've seen together or something we've done together and he gets a big smile on his face and say, "Now tell me another story."  Or "Let's talk about it again." 

If being a boy mom has taught me anything - its that no matter how young or old they are, boys just have the innate ability to break and mend your heart in the same instant.


  1. Love this! And, P.S. He had my heart the day of his birth, in the delivery room when I first laid my eyes upon him. From - Abba ( his Gram)

  2. I love "last day". Our boys said, "ass-terday" instead of yesterday... And I agree, it was kind of sad when it ended! ;)

  3. I love every bit of this article. Very fun to read. That child of yours is really adorable and quite cunning I should say. Thank you this made my day.

  4. Isn't three a fun age? They become so funny and smart, but there are still glimpses of your baby. The best combination :)

  5. My heart is still broken and mended on a regular basis by my "child" of nearly 28 years. Amanda says he's my favorite. He's not but I cannot explain the love between a Momma and her son. It's a different love on every level and the fact that he can still make me laugh when I'm mad at him still pisses me off :-)