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Thursday, October 3, 2013

I'm totally snatching this idea from Ashley over at The Big WhiteFarmhouse (I warned you:) to give you all a quick update on what our October looks like.  Every year at this time, we always find ourselves jam packed with crazy plans and fun and general mayhem - so things are moving a little loosey-goosey over here.  For the most part, lots of plans and 'plate juggling' makes me feel excited, enthusiastic, and productive.  Occasionally though, when things pile up like the currently are, I get moments of panic and scold myself for taking on so many things - but those are few and sporadic, so- we just keep on keepin' on.


loving:  fall.  these leaves.  that rustling.  that breeze.  the colors.  all of it.

#nofilter  #noediting #noshit
planning:  lots of researching and working on our secret project that we hope to reveal very soon!  It is really exciting and we can't wait to be able to say more about it!

brainstorming:  guestlists, plans, and budgets for upcoming parties and events that I am hosting t or co-planning including a kid halloween party (Oct), an alumni flag football game fundraiser (Nov), a baby shower (Dec), and my sister's bachelorette party (early 2014).

reflecting:  on the past nearly three months of staying at home.  thinking about the baby steps I've taken to get to how we operate today, how I want to continue to grow and make more of this time with the kids, how I can be more helpful to our family in this role (saving money, learning helpful tasks like sewing, writing for pay, etc)

running: 3-4 days a week and now added 10-minute trainer to the other three days.  trying to prepare for more indoor activities as the cold is on its way.  Less worried about distance and time, focusing more on making sure I get a run in and that it feels good.  Remembering that I'm only doing it for myself and because it feels good.  I want to run because I like it, not because its a chore.

hoping:  for patience.  I'm always hoping and praying for more patience.

addicted to:  my revised daily schedule which has been updated to include writing times.  The biggest and most beneficial change has been to allot activities for my mornings.  In weeks past, I was just thankful to wake up before everyone else and have some time to myself.  This week though - mornings have been assigned something specific during that time (writing or running) and getting a tangible thing accomplished versus just checking out facebook/pinterest with a cup of coffee has been empowering.

thankful for:  Brandon.  we're fast approaching our 5year anniversary this month (how?) and even though we drive each other half mad regularly, we always have this layer of friendship that is underneath it all.  He's been busting his butt at work all week and basketball season will very soon be here - and even without a ton of time to be together we still find time to get in some laughs and playfulness.  #luckiest

drinking:  I'm doing my best to replace my afternoon coffee with tea instead.  Some days go well, others the coffee seems to be required.

making:  still working on finishing our 2011 yearbook (eek!  working backwards) and anxious to start our 2013 yearbook for this year.  It has been baffling to look back on 2011 through hindsight now (when we were moving and pregnant and had 6 weddings - goodness, that was a crazy time).  Seeing Greyson that young too makes my heart ache.

dreaming:  about our next big vacation.  We haven't officially traveled anywhere all year and in a perfect world, I'd ideally like to alternate between inside-USA vacations and abroad vacations each year.  We are due for an abroad next year but haven't made any plans or thoughts about it (especially now that I'm home), but we have started saving money for whatever we might do

reading:  The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak (read it now before it comes out in theaters this November!  Comes with high recommendations from my sis Kayla)

noticing:  how the kids have now learned to 'gang up on Mum.'  Seriously, it's ridiculous that one starts being naughty and the other joins right in.  I have been trying to use positive peer pressure to dissolve it ("wow, great job- Booboo, I love that you're making a good choice), but sometimes they just want to overthrow me.

cooking:  tonight we are having deer roast in the slow cooker - one of Brandon's favorites since he's had such a long work week.  He could use a little pick me up.

working on:  writing 750 words a day for my novel.  I'm on a 3 day writing streak (yay me!) and I've discovered I can write that many words in 25 minutes, which was much faster than I expected.  The hardest part has been to just get started - but once that happens, the words just have been spilling out.  Big confidence boost in my feelings towards calling myself 'a real writer.'

excited for:  our upcoming 'Erie vacation' back to northern PA.  We lived in Erie before moving 'back home,' and miss it regularly.  We made the mistake of showing Greyson the Splash Lagoon website and now he's asked every day since then if we're going to the water park today.  He and I made a paper-chain countdown to help him with the waiting.

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  1. #1. That picture? It's ah-mazing! I can't believe that's your view!
    #2. You + Gem= Adorable! Your hair is so cute!
    #3. If you find some spare patience laying around, you mind sharing?
    #4. Writing 750 words? Insanity! You rock, girl!

    I loved reading this.
    Happy Fall, my friend!