Pre-Birthday Surprise Land

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Two weekends ago was our scheduled annual SCF weekend ('sisters come first').  Once a year, we set aside an entire weekend that my sisters and I get together and spend time with each other non-stop; talking, laughing, drinking, crying, watching movies, dancing, remembering, and basically being a giant blur of 'Adams girl' mayhem.  So this year, was going to be no different and I was excited to get away for a weekend with my little sisters.

Kayla texted early Friday afternoon and asked if we could stop half way and pick up something for her future  mum-in-law and it didn't even occur to me that it was weird.  Little did I know, Tasha and I pull into the parking lot for the 'pick-up' and there sits Kayla and my sister-wife bff Lindsay.  I was like, huh?

I am the planner.  I am the one with the agendas and schedules and to do lists.  Do you know what happens when you surprise a planner?  She acts totally awkward and strange for a solid 20 minutes while repeating the same phrase over and over only changing emphasis on the words:
But, WHAT is happening?
But, what IS happening?
But, what is HAPPENING?

Seriously.  It was ridiculous and finally all three of them were like, can you please stop acting so weird?  And I was all like, "Okay, but what IS happening?"  Worst surprisee ever.

After our tailgate in the parking lot (shots, pizza, beer) - we made our way into Corks & Canvases for a BYOB painting class.  I mean, possibly the most awesome thing on the planet?  We toasted with champagne and wine and got to pretend to be real life painters.  Our teacher that night was amazing and so patient with us (none of us being painters and all of us cracking inappropriate jokes) and we laughed and giggled our way through the evening.

My Ninna-girl

my sneaky little sisters

We had an awesome time at Corks & Canvases (you can like them on facebook) and I kept saying, "omigosh, my creative soul is awakened!" in a super dramatic albeit honest way.

my finished 'Seasons' painting

After another jaunt at tailgating after our painting class, the four of us headed over to a local bar hosting karaoke that night and did what we always describe as "tornado'ed" them.  It was a full on ambush of the three 'Adams' sisters and Ninna.  In the time we were there, we had managed to sing multiple karaoke songs...on stage, turned part of the bar into a nightclub, started a congo line and a Limbo game with a pool stick with about 3/4 of the bar (Tasha won), and finished off the night with the Macarena.  The most ridiculous thing about it was:  that was NOT the first congo line we've ever started in a bar.  Yea, Tornado'ed.

The next day, after a very slow start, my sisters and I hung by the pool, went for a run and mostly laid around until dinner time.  Then they took me to The Pittsburgh Inclined Plane for a beautiful view of the city - as they explained that I was the one that helped teach them you can move away from our small hometown and live in a big city. (cryfest)  Afterwards, we had a delicious and spicy dinner at a Nicky's Thai Kitchen since I talk about Thailand almost everyday (verified by my sisters).  It was such an amazing and unexpected birthday weekend.

But they weren't done with the surprises because my sisters are unbelievable.  They put together a tribute video for me and my first thirty years.  It's more than I can even say.

They picked the perfect songs and the perfect pictures and videos that so closely sum up the first thirty years of my life.  It's incredible.

If you want to learn about who I am, go no farther than to ask my sisters.

Since my actual 30th birthday is not until tomorrow (August 26), I went back into relax mode after SCF/surprise birthday weekend.  And last Saturday, we were heading out the door to spend the afternoon at Pappy & Gigi's house (Brandon's parents) like a totally normal weekend and Brandon stopped me and said, 'Do you know your tank top has a hole in it?'  I was like, 'Yea.  Is it bothering you?  We're going to your parents house to hang out.'  I had zero thought that it was weird for him to bring up my scrubby shirt.

So we get to Gigi and Pappy's and they open the garage door and there sits a whole mess of people from my family and theirs.  I stood there staring at them with my mouth half open for an awkwardly long time.  I was completely blindsided that there would be anything for me there; like for a solid few seconds I was still thinking it was a surprise for the kids.

We spent the evening and night playing cornhole, laughing, eating, talking, and guzzling jello shots.  I wore my birthday crown, and shot glass necklace, and received an adorable (perfectly 'me') purse from my Mum.  It was a wonderfully laid-back afternoon surprise birthday party - and it turned out my sports bra + hole in the tank + yoga pants outfit was completely appropriate attire for - HA!  Oh, and I drank a bottle and a half of champagne, by myself.  By.My.Self.

my favorite guys:  Brandon, Greyson, and My Dad
The most amazing part was that Gigi asked that in lieu of gifts, everyone bring a donation for our local humane society instead.  So we got to drop off this HUGE donation of dog and cat food, paper towels, dog bones, and newspaper.  Best.idea.ever.

(Thank you Gigi and Pappy for the surprise.  I was absolutely surprised.  I am so lucky to have you two as in-laws, its incredible that you are mine).

And since then, the birthday surprises just don't stop.  I got an obnoxiously beautiful display of flowers in the mail from my best friend Karpy and Matt.

And spent the evening giggling and sipping wine with my best friend Kate and Michael at Amichi's on Friday night.  Kate and my birthdays are separated by one day (her's was yesterday) and so we get together for a birthday dinner every year.

 ...and it's not even my actual 30th birthday yet!!  I still get to hold on to the rest of today receiving picture text messages of my sister and her fiance making huge smiles that say "Happy Birthday Eve!" and hear my little sis answer the phone by saying, "Happy birthday Eve!" while my Mum finishes her texts with "love you almost-birthday girl."

It's already been the longest and best send-off into my thirties and I still have all of tomorrow yet!  I already knew it down to my bone marrow - but these last few weeks have been a constant reminder that I am the luckiest girl in all of the world.


  1. Okay- your video made me cry. What a beautiful first thirty years you have had, my friend. And can I say, I love all the pictures of you and Brandon. You look SO in love.
    Happy Birthday, girlie!!!

  2. There is NO shame in drinking that much champagne as the birthday girl :)

    Happy Birthday tomorrow! May your thirties be filled to the brim with all that brings you joy in life.

    Your sisters are so sweet!