September kindness 2012: Donors Choose

Friday, October 5, 2012

For many years now, we've decided to participate with Donors choose as our September kindness.  It seems fitting for the year - as its back to school - as well as it fulfills my inner teacher girl that misses the classroom so much.

This year was no different and we went searching the teacher requests for one that we could relate too.  Last year, we chose a local classroom that was teaching kids about our local, famous Johnstown flood.  This year, we decided to get a little more personal and seek out a teacher looking for a project about snakes.  why snakes?  Because a large part of our day, we spend talking about 'snake bodies.'  We are going through a bit of a snake phase and Grey thinks snakes are very cool - or anything really even shaped like a snake body.  So when we searched for projects that contained the word "snakes" in donors choose - we found one!

And I was extra pleased that we could not only incorporate "snake bodies" into our donors choose classroom this year, but the kind of snakes that would help all students begin their mornings off with the best possible start.  Our donors choose classroom we selected is in Alexandria, VA where Ms. H is hoping to make morning meeting a sensory filled and successful experience for all of her students.  Thanks for being a great teacher, Ms. H!

Now we are on to one of two kindnesses for the month of October:  Trick or Treat for UNICEF.  If you haven't ordered your UNICEF boxes yet - you can still do so here.

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