My favorite things: Red Stamp

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

So I recently discovered something that I love - it's an app that I am using (maybe excessively?) called Red Stamp.  They call themselves 'Modern Correspondence' because they make it so easy to text, email, or add to your social media - invitations, notes, and (my favorite) thank yous.

They offer a wide variety of templates to choose from (think charming and modern like Shutterfly Tiny Prints style) - depending on the type, subject, or reason for your note.  They also allow you to use pictures straight off of your phone (which if you're anything like me, you are hoarding two million pics of your kids on it) to add to the note to quickly send off to friends and family.  

Best part:  its a free download. (at the App store - I'm an iPhone user, so I can't say for certain if non-iPhone users can get it - sorry!)

Disclaimer:  Red Stamp has no idea who I am, nor are they offering any incentives for this review - I kind of just love them anonymously :)

So I've been Red Stamping myself all over this place recently.  I send fancy love texts to my husband during the day:

And I have found it super easy to send off invitations to a small group of people for our mini parties.  Like the invitation to my momma friends for our Kid Halloween party:

The Red Stamp note arrives as a picture text to the recipient.  So much more cute and fun than an otherwise blah text for Brandon's super impromptu birthday (slash excuse to go to wing night: "hey, wanna get wings for B's birthday today?  Sorry last minute" - which is so boring.  But instead thanks to Red Stamp - I sent out this fun text invite:  

But my favorite thing to do with Red Stamp is to send quick and personalized thank yous.  With two small kids (and various other living creatures in our house) I have been so frustrated with my inability to send thank yous to my family and friends for all of the helpful things and sweet gifts they send our way.  I wish I would have had Red Stamp when Gemmi (and Grey) was first born so that I could have snapped pictures of her in the trillion cute teeny baby outfits with a quick thank you to the gifter in her first few weeks at home.  Alas, I have been playing thank you catch-up now that I have Red Stamp - sending them to the grandmas after our crazy trip to NYC

And to my friends Karpy & Matt for the Halloween card & matching tattoos that they sent to Greyson a few days ago:

An app that allows me to make quick, good use of all of my iPhone hoarded pictures - and gives me the ability to say cute, personalized thank yous with a few taps of my fingers?  It's kind of my new favorite thing :)

Superstorm Sandy update:
here in Western PA we are kind of bearing down under the storm as she continues to weaken while she hangs out for awhile over our state before moving north to Canada.  We have had steady rain, some snow, high winds - but still have power, which is much more than what many have at this point.   My heart goes out to the East coast as they try to recover and make sense of the destruction after this storm.  I have been in contact with many of my NY friends and they report that they are okay, albeit surprised and disorientated.  Sending love to just to the South of us while they weather through blizzards, some without power.  Stay safe - we are thinking of you.  xoxxox


  1. I think I will be installing this app today! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Just loaded it...thanks for the tip!