July Party People

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

we were mega party people through the month of July.  not only celebrating America's birthday - but also by attending celebrations throughout the month with our family and friends.

first up was Mallory and Hunter's birthday party.  'Mawee', my sweet honey godchild, turned 3 this past month and her brother 'baby unter' had his first birthday.  I drove the kids out to do a mini pre-party since we were double booked that day with celebrations.  Stef and I are both cousins and friends -all through growing up, I used to spend 2 weeks every summer living at her family's house in northern PA - so to see our kids all huddled together (and all blonde!) makes both of us smile.

our 4 kids, and all blondes!

Hunter with the hip check

bouncing birthday kids

unhappy Gemmi, sweet Hunter
 After a sufficient amount of sugar from cookies and gift bag items, we hopped back in the car to drive through naptime to a barbecue/sprinkle for Katie's baby boy on the way, a mere two and half hours in the direction of home.  Luckily for me, the kids slept almost the whole way and I got to listen to whatever music I pleased on my little roadtrip.

The barbecue sprinkle was quaint and relaxed which was perfect for my glowingly beautiful, albeit very pregnant, best friend on a warm July evening.  We had good food and great company to help get ready for the baby boy soon to arrive (update:  he since has and we are all in love with him).

the barbecue sprinkle spread

wishes for the baby boy

my beautiful best friend<3 nbsp="nbsp" td="td">

two rotten, although adorable kids.  

Nana and her baby
The following week, fiiiiinally after much planning, prepping, working, and organizing - we celebrated the grand opening of Brandon's new store.  Armed with papparazzi style cameras, my in laws, b's grandma and his aunt, Kate and her big belly, three squirmy kids, and a slightly teary-eyed me - all stood in the sun that morning to beam as Brandon's hard work had paid off with the ribbon cutting of the new store in his district.  We are lucky to have him as our daddy.

grand opening decor!

his entourage

opening ceremony

handsome and hard working?!  how'd i swing that one?


To wrap up our July, we spent the last weekend celebrating with my extended family on my maternal grandma's side for our annual reunion.  My grandma (mom's mom) was 1 of 14 kids.  yes, you read that correctly, and every year we have an annual reunion to keep us all together.  (in other news:  my paternal grandfather was 1 of 21 (!!), my paternal grandmother was 1 of 8, and my maternal grandfather 1 of 3.  i've got family in heaps).

greyson playing with his cousins during the kids' games

my lucky kids with their beautiful aunts

Grey feeding the ducks with his Chum

Booboo participating in the home run derby!

Grey and his cousin Landon with a balloon sword battle

the cowboy/superhero/singer ready for the parade

Greyson & Mallory all suited up for the kids' parade

parade time!

my mumma and I ready to help the kids in the parade


the grandmas and their girls.  Mimi & Mallory and Abba & Gemma

both kids fell asleep through dinner.  

...and we're still missing 2 more Kevins from this picture!!  We've got an abundance of men named Kevin in my family
the talent show:  Sister Act - my great aunts rocking it to MJ

reunion tradition:  the 'money tree'

talent show: 'the girls from Texas' my cousins, Mel, Myla and Kiera

talent show:  the Troy boys & Mom, hah.  cousins Leigh, Duncan, and Dean

talent show: cousins Melissa and Lilee (with guitar) while Greyson river dances (?) in the forefront, hah
Girl cousins & friends<3 and="and" ete="ete" gemmi="gemmi" mallory="mallory" rose="rose" stef="stef" tab="tab" td="td">

the Adams family (missing Ryan)

Team Studer

We laughed, cheered, celebrated, and hugged our way through July.  All those parties seemed to only speed up our July at a frightening pace.  How in the world is it August already?


  1. Nice ideas for party! It seems that everyone had good fun :)

  2. wow busy month! but yes, you are so so very lucky.

    and look at Gemma's cheeks..absolutely delicious! and Grey in those skates- what a cutie! Yepp, most definitely lucky.

    Oh, and looove the sparkler safety cups...genius!