Saturdays with Mumma and booboo

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Quite a few days this fall, Brandon had to work the weekends - so it was all Mumma & Booboo all the time. And with nice weather and a little cabin fever, we tried to make the most of our Saturdays together.  So..

We visited the Somerset Farmer's market and chowed down on fresh & local cheeses, baked goods, and maple syrup pretzels.  We actually hit up the farmer's market three weekends and all three times Grey's curly hair was received by sweet comments and free gourds (heh, i guess it pays to have nice hair).  

mmm, fried local cheese curd

And we stopped by the library for some book browsing and coloring

And we baked Monster cookies together because my baby bump is always hungry for sweets (Booboo's not complaining about that one bit!)

I've also joined a meetup group of Somerset mommas to help Grey meet new friends and to help me make new mom friends in our area.  Through the creative and organized minds of my meetup group moms - we even got to visit the Somerset volunteer fire department to learn about safety and see the fire trucks.  Greyson loved it and I learned a lot of new information that as a pregnant mumma was kind of making me want to cry (cry of joy because there are women/men willing to volunteer to help others in danger and cry of fear thinking about our home catching fire - oh the joys of pregnant emotional swings).  Visit this website for information and tools to keep  you and your family's house as safe and fire-prepared as possible.  

Right next door to the fire house was a really awesome playground that we also visited for awhile so that Grey could climb, slide, and swing his way to a sleepy afternoon.  

Since I'm not always up for hauling and loading my baby in the car with a big belly, some weekends we just stayed at home and made our own fun.  Like the fall day that was so beautifully sunny out that I couldn't help but make us a picnic lunch that even Bully could enjoy.

and Booboo tried to fit into the picnic basket
And that same day was so sunny and warm that Grey was even able to enjoy some water-playing fun to get some energy out of his system

Then he was so wiped out that he took a peaceful nap outside while I got to lay in the hammock and finish up reading NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children (great book for parents, btw).

As much fun as we have spending days together, we are all happiest when Dadda is home.

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