HallowBoo! 2011

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Is it lame to write about Halloween activities after Halloween?  maybe? Is it more lame that I saw two houses with Christmas lights up while driving to my parents' house yesterday?  YES.  Even more lame that Walmart was playing a non-stop Christmas music station on Monday?  super YES.  let's celebrate thanksgiving, people!  ...but before we do that - can we reminisce a little about Halloween?  

If you're on board with me to peer back at Halloween before traveling to thanksgiving, please enjoy the following pics from our trip to HallowBoo! at Idlewild this year.   It was our first HallowBoo! ever and we all loved it, but especially Booboo.  We went on the last day it was open and since it was the last day and a beautiful day at that...so did almost everyone else.  But even though it was really crowded (like more so than I've seen in the summer!) we had a great time and were able to enjoy all the things we had hoped. 

Grey was dressed up like a farmer (or cowboy, or scarecrow..you decide) while Maxie Bear wore a cow mask.  Booboo's whole outfit came from our closet which Dada appreciated (even though it was really tempting to buy him something new when we walked down every Halloween aisle in the stores). 

The park was completely decked out in pumpkins, mums, and other kid-friendly spookiness that gave the whole place an exciting lift for the season.  There were dressed up kids bopping all over the place and the game stations all had seasonally themed prizes (like the Frankenstein dressed rubber ducky that Grey won at the fishing pond).  

Almost immediately, Grey wanted to go on some rides - so Dada (in his suit - he had come to meet us in between his visiting stores on a Sunday) took on duty of riding partner. 

...while a prego mumma took on the part of game helper and photographer

Once we made it across the park and into Racoon Lagoon (the little kid's section of Idlewild), Grey was in a full blown riding frenzy.  And he wasn't afraid to ride one single thing

taking a break from the rides for a family pic...he's not happy about it
After  prying Grey away from the rides in Racoon Lagoon, we made our way over to Jumpin' Jungle (seriously, Idlewild is the best kid's amusement park, for reals) on our way to StoryBook Forest.  Dada -dress shoes, tie, and all - participated in full on coolest-dad-ever fashion and hopped right into the maze of playgrounds and tree houses to help Grey along.  

After all that climbing & crawling, we were highly anticipating the trick-or-treating available in StoryBook forest.  It was going to give Grey a good chance to practice before the real deal, but it was also an adorably sweet idea (way to go HallowBoo planners).  We made it our last stop on the HallowBoo tour, but it turned out that after all that playing and riding- combined with the tons of people, we only stopped a few "houses" before we double backed ourselves up out of there.  It would have been a lot more fun if Grey wasn't only 18 months and super tired from all the playing (maybe first stop for next year?)

ready for trick-or-treating in StoryBook Forest
The best part about HallowBoo?  While Dada went back to work and Mumma had to go home by herself, our baby was wiped out - which made for a very calm Sunday evening.  

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