vacation prep: Baby

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

In preparation for our vacation, we purchased a UV-ray blocking tent for boo boo.  He'll be spending most of his time under the umbrella, but he'll also be taking naps out on the beach too.  And this tent will keep most of the sand off his towel while he naps.  We've been practicing using it around the house! 

We also bought a really floppy hat and some awesome baby shades that go all the way around the back of Booboo's head and then velcro on the side.  He is so going to be stylin' on the beach.

Since Grey loves the water, we figured it was necessary to get one of those baby floaty things with the little tent over top of it.  I found the cutest crab one online.  I like it (not just because its cute, Brandon) but also because it has a little water-splash area in the front from Booboo to splash around in while we're a'floatin'.  The great thing about the DR is that there aren't really any waves, so we'll be floating in the ocean all week!  Pictures and product reviews to come!

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