Happy 1st Birthday, Greyson's girlfriends!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Boo boo's girlfriends had their first birthday parties over the last few weeks.  Unfortunately, Grey had to stay with Daddy in ERie with his runny nose during Sophia's party.  But there was no way I was going to miss out on my best friend's baby's first birthday!  So I made the haul down to Altoona on Friday night....and I felt like a woman freed!  It was the first real time that I've hopped in the car with just an itty bitty overnight bag for myself, turned the radio up unnecessarily loud, and headed out on a "single" girls adventure.  Clearly, driving 3 hours to a one year old's birthday party doesn't seem like much of an adventure for some of you readers - but after 6 months lugging carseats, diaper bags, and singing "This Old Man" to a screaming baby behind me....I felt downright liberated.

I arrived at the Fiore house around midnight and Katie "early-na'nights" Fiore stayed up until 2am chatting away.  It was so nice chatting and laughing with a grown adult, let alone a best friend.  Definitely worth the trip.  In the AM it was all about the party and we continued chatting and laughing all through the party prep.  Sophia seemed to care less over all the fuss we were making for her (oh the joy of being 1!), hah.  After the smash cake was iced, the peanuts were hid (heh!), and the birthday outfit put on...we were ready for the party. The party was a blast and everyone loved the rented photo booth.  Lots of good food and friends.

Happy Birthday, Sophia - We love you!!

By the time I got back home late on Sunday, I was rejuvenated by my 24 hours of "freedom" and much-needed girl time.  I was happy to give my little man a long cuddle (Bullet got his share too), and lots of kisses for the Daddy.  It was a fantastic weekend.

The following weekend, we headed over to the East side for Samantha's first birthday party.  Grey was in full attendance and was amazed at all the balloons and faces.  Sammie was too cute zipping all around on her new-found walking legs.  She paid due diligence to each of her gifts as they were opened - she is such a little grown up. 

After the presents and cake, Grey and Sam had a little playtime which mostly consisted of Grey being slightly jealous of all of Sam's new toys.  They played nice for a few minutes, they'll learn all about sharing soon enough:)

oh, i love those cheeks.
It was a great party and an afternoon happily enjoyed.  Happy Birthday, Samantha - We love you!!

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