Silkie Parachute playtime

Saturday, September 25, 2010

We discovered Sarah's Silks through one of my TFA friend's blog and fell in love with them right away.  We got Greyson a blue silkie and have found lots of ways to play with it.  I love "toys" like the silkie because they are battery-free and drive imagination.  Someday we can use the silkie as "water" for his toy cars to drive around...Right now, Grey's favorite silkie game is to play parachute with it (like in the video).  But we also make forts with it and play peekaboo with it too.  It's soft and breathable.  Grey's Aunt Pam says that she thinks the silkie takes him to far-away places:)  Watch his face, he definitely looks like he's entering some kind of dream world!

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