Fall Festivus

Monday, September 27, 2010

We celebrated the first annual Fall Festivus at my parents' house the second weekend in September.  The idea behind the celebration is that friends and family would come together to prepare the harvested foods and goods from the year and share among each other.  We made frogmore stew and it was delicious.  However, I was very self-conscious of the fact that we hadn't harvested anything over the course of the year- thus cementing my sentiments to garden next year.  My family was coordinated, appropriate for the season, in plaid.

Also there were games...(did you expect anything less at an Adams function?)

Boo boo helped Daddy referee!
And of course, like every function we have there was merriment.  At dusk, we had a fire that also consisted of cool jams on the guitar from Justin and Alex.

And then after it started raining and we had to bring the fun back under the pavilion...things started getting a little strange.... 

Happy Fall Festivus!  Can't wait until next year!

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