Welcome to the fam: New puppy Bullet

Monday, January 4, 2010

Brandon and I decided not to buy each other any Christmas gifts this year since we just had so much happen in the last few months (new house, new truck, new baby coming!!)  So instead, we decided to take a trip down to The ANNA Shelter (http://www.theannashelter.com/ ) and pick out a new puppy!  We had been looking at their site for awhile trying to guess which dog we would choose and we just couldn't make up our minds.  All of them looked so cute and sweet in their pics.  So, we finally made the trip to the shelter (in the middle of a snowstorm) to pick out our new pup!  After seeing the dogs, we of course wanted to bring them all home, but there was one little guy that stood out above the rest.  He wasn't barking at all and started licking our hands as soon as we came up to the cage.  After playing with him for a little while and talking with some of the workers there, we were madly in love. 

Our new puppy, Bullet is a 5month Brindle Pit Bull and the biggest baby you'll ever see.  So far, he loves chewing on anything he can pick up off the floor.  His chewing destruction has reached:  a candlestick, a popped balloon, a Christmas card, Brandon's snuff can, and the numerous cat toys.  He was such a good puppy during our NYE party and everyone was in love with him. 

Since we have a babe on the way, it was really important to us to make sure we were getting a dog that would be good with the baby.  So far, everyone we have talked to who owns pit bulls and all our online research has shown that they don't deserve the bad rep that they have through the media.  Pit bulls are actually knicknamed the Amercan "Nanny Dog."  The dogs in The Little House on the Prairie and The Little Rascals were Pit bulls.  And from what we've seen from Bullet so far- he aims to please and loves everyone he meets:)

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  1. Very good deed that you have a dog! Animals make our lives happier)