NYE Studer Style

Monday, January 11, 2010

We hosted our very first party in our new house for New Years Eve!  We had a great turn-out and I think everyone had a good time.  In my state of 24 weeks pregnant, I miraculously stayed awake until 2:30am!  I didn't even think I was going to make it until midnight for awhile- but I somehow managed with the help from a little holiday cookies and spinach dip:)

We were lucky to have Tash&Jordan and Jon&Lindsay over the night before.  Jon & Linds brought us a great addition to our bar- a Harley neon sign.  It looks so great downstairs and B really loves it.

The boys spent New Years Eve day fishing (of course) while the girls hung out and played Wii and got ready for the party.  Lindsay blew up 25 balloons single-handed (ah!) and we worked to make homemade decorations for the party.  We had a table to NYE traditions out which our guests mostly poked fun at.  I love traditions though and the stories behind them- so I didn't care.  Here are a few for those interested:)

1. Noisemakers- Make as much noise as possible at midnight to "scare" away the previous year
2. Pork - Pigs symbolize progress since they dig and trudge forward; unlike cows & chickens
3. Grapes- eat 12 grapes; one for each month of the coming year to let you know whether the month will be sour or sweet.
4. Midnight kiss- who you kiss is a barometer for the upcoming year.  If its someone you love or want to kiss, then you'll have good fortune in the upcoming year!

It was so nice to have everyone over for the holiday and I was excited for everyone to see our new place.  Even our goddaughter, Mallory made it to the party!  (Not quite to midnight, but we danced to some Michael Jackson together before she crashed out)

Bullet was a big hit at the party and even learned to walk down the basement steps- a feat he was terrified to try before that night.  Thanks to (cousin) Big K- he is now a pro at the basement steps...much to the cats' dismay.  I barely had to take Bullet out for a walk since all our guests were eager to spend some time with him.  Poor pup was exhausted after the long weekend and spent all day Saturday catching up on his sleep.

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