Bathrooms & Bleach

Monday, November 2, 2009

While Brandon was at work yesterday, I headed over to the new house to get some unpacking (more random kitchen things) and the bathrooms done.  I was armed with bleach in any form I could get it (wipes, toilet bowl cleaner, spray...).  I was determined to feel comfortable and clean in our new bathrooms.

We have two bathrooms in our new house.  The first is our master bath that I love, but is really teeny.  It has a stand alone shower on one side and a stand alone deep tub on the other.  My favorite part about the bathroom (surprisingly) is the stain glass window in it.  So random, but I like it.  I think we are going to paint the bathroom the same chocolate mousse color as the basement since I love it so much!

Our second bathroom in the house is the guest bathroom, which is absolutely hideous and ridiculous in every way.  No matter how much I clean- there is no helping the ugliness.  At least now it is suitable for washing up.  The bathroom needs major renovations- please feel free to come up with a list of ALL the things wrong with this bathroom- but it will need to wait for another time.  This bathroom is not a move-in need, so it will be a project for another day, unfortunately.

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