Monday, December 1, 2008

Our first holiday as husband and wife! Thanksgiving was great. We traveled to Johnstown to spend it with our families and friends. We really got around to see everyone and actually for the first time didn't feel like we were rushing around. It felt different to be in Johnstown this time. It was our first time back since the wedding and I think we felt more married, so everyone acted like we were more married. haha. Sounds funny-but felt right.

It was Lola's first thanksgiving too. She didn't seem thankful for anything except dirt. She loves kicking dirt up out of plant pots...and my mom has about a trillion plants at their that was a mess. I am thankful for Lulu even though she's so bad.

I really love traditions and the holidays are so chalk full of them, I feel giddy. Our thanksgiving tradition of going to the movies that night with my sisters was held in tact. We also both kept our tradition of eating so much we feel sick, nice.

With Christmas on the horizon, we have traditions galore coming and I would like to make a few of our own. We watched Elf last night after we decorated the house (new tradition). We have an annual holiday cookie bake with my sisters and cousins coming up (old tradition). And I drop off cookies for the nursing home closer to Christmas (old tradition). I would like to watch Christmas with the Kranks on Christmas Eve Eve with B. I think that movie is so hilarious and it makes me feel so happy (new tradition).

Our wedding thank yous are doubling up as our holiday cards this year, so I am trying to frantically get them all finished within the next two weeks..eek! Still have name change paperwork to do, but in my heart I'm a Studer. Guess I just need to notify the authorities. heh.

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