New year; new us.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Well, it's new years eve and that always means time to reflect and decide how you could possibly be better in the new year. B and I have been reflecting quite a bit over the past few weeks about how we want to take advantage of our life right now. We have somehow gotten stuck into this boring routine everyday and don't really do anything. We are both hoping in the new year to be the best version of ourselves; or at least make an attempt at LIVING. hah.

In the new year (already established):
1. We will be taking Beginner Waltz classes every Tuesday between Jan. 13-March 3
2. Wii fit (already in love with)
3. Both of us are really going to try to go to the gym
4. Saturday Yoga (tab)
5. Mini-holiday with friends in Florida in March
6. Beer Olympics (to raise money for charity) in July
7. Hawaii in August!!
8. SCF (sisters come first) weekend in February

Other things we'd like to do but haven't planned yet:
1. volunteer trip in spring (tab)
2. turkey bowl for Valley-thanksgiving
3. Brandon's basketball camp
4. Long weekend in NYC (tab)
5. hunting trip (b)
6. play in a vball league (tab)
7. play in a bball league (b)
8. learn to play golf (tab)

So we have big dreams for 2009, which I think is what has been missing. We had one big dream for 2008- the wedding- and after that passed, we didn't really have anything motivating us to do anything else. Thus, the boring routine we have been living for the past 2 months. So, hopefully in 2009 we will start off sprinting.

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