Around Here Week 05: 01/28-02/03

Friday, March 1, 2024

 A glimpse into what it is like to live in our family just this moment. 

photo cred: Becky C

photo cred: CT Media class

how I look from Brandon's eye height, hah.

Intentional Outdoor Hours: 7+ hours (of 1000)
Finally! I got some solid outdoor hours. We had a nearly free day day on Saturday and a sunny, no wind day of upper 40's - so we all just stayed outside for most of the afternoon. And thank goodness because we needed it so bad; the sunlight, the running until we were exhausted, the fresh air in our lungs, the sky all the way up, and the ground solid under our feet. I will take every Fake Spring day I can get during the winter months.

Reading and finishing You'd Be Home Now by Kathleen Glasgow (a borrow from my student Emma - thank you!) I really enjoyed it and was grateful to get to read it and talk about it and think it through with two students - Emma and Noah. Addiction is so tough and affects so many families. I appreciated that the book didn't sugarcoat it and did tie everything up in a neat bow either - it was just like; there aren't any easy answers to addiction...and yeah, that is exactly true.

Down and out as the stomach bug ripped through our house on Saturday night through Thursday. Aw man, it was awful. It's over and done for the year, so, count it! 

Counting to 100 with Rusty in preparation for the 100th day of school. He counted and bagged up 100 dry kidney beans and only had to start over once when they all accidentally were swiped to the floor (oops! little brothers!) 

Happy with my progress on Ashley's January Bingo card (from The Big White Farmhouse). It really had me motivated to try some new things for the new year and I think my favorite addition was my vitamin regimen! I never remember to take my vitamins, but I took them into school and have them in my teacher desk drawer and now I remember everyday to take them! The students are always laughing at me because...elderly...but it's working! I was also motivated to do some decluttering, make a new soup, and send a thank you card among other small meaningful tasks - great list to start the year! Thanks Ashley!!

Ortho for the two big kids (thank you to Pappy for taking them!) They both got a thumbs up for keeping up with the requirements for each of their versions of braces - so yay for teens who listen and try their best on dental hygiene (hah)!

Checking off paperwork that I need to update for my new teaching job! Just a whole list of clearances and paperwork, and original transcripts that need ordered, and appointments for a TB test and fingerprinting to schedule....basically a bunch of phone calls and websites that are always daunting to even start. But one afternoon during my prep at school I just went HAM and stayed focus and knocked most of the out. I had three girls hanging out in my room eating their lunches and I looked at them and said - "girls, sometimes you just have to sit down and do the overwhelming thing when you have a tiny burst of motivation. You just do it right then!" and they were like, 'okay, SeƱora' while rolling their eyes (hahha, but Yay me!)

Getting the sweetest surprise in the mail - my sweet cousin/friend Heather ordered two shirts from my new school and had them sent to me as a congratulations for my new job. She knows my heart and honestly one of the first things I thought when I got the call was - I need spirit gear! Thank you, Heather xxox perfect gift! She really needs to do a seminar on how to find the perfect gift; she has a special talent for it! 

Sister time to heal the soul. I left school early on Friday for a dentist appointment, but I had time to first grab lunch with Uch at Gallina's (hah! worst patient ever - got lunch immediately before the appointment - God bless my hygienist Lisa!) Then after the dentist (I got two thumbs up!) I got a mocha at The Write Cup to see my barista sister Kitty. It was the perfect afternoon to sneak away and be a grown up who eats lunch out about town and grabs cups of coffee and gets time to talk to her sisters without kids interrupting. love youns. xxox scf. 

Hot gluing with Violet as she made her Valentine "box" for class. The girl had a vision - hah! She wanted a treehouse style box but with a limb up the tree so her stuffed koala could sit on it. Good grief, okay chick. She fashioned up the trunk with a paper towel roll and toilet paper rolls. Then we worked together to hot glue the rope around the trunk - after that, she was off running and I was just supervising her hot glue gun fingerprint scalds (LOL). 

Dogsitting Bo the Golden Retriever! My coworker was off to Disney for a few days and we got to dogsit which made all the kids and Osa sublimely happy and tired - yay! 

Visiting my parents' new house! They have made it through the demo stage for the most part and now it is just about down to the studs. It is going to be beautiful when it gets all finished! Dad gave us the full tour inside and out! Then we walked down to the river to check it out for fishing season and the boys car hardly wait! 

Teaching only three and a half days this week due to sickness early in the week and a half day on Friday to take care of my dentist appt. Spanish 1 finished Ferdinand (the movie) and then started learning about action verbs and conjugations (! it's go time!) Spanish 2 read chapters 5-7 in the Ekeko novel and we did a new character analysis activity (water bottle stickers). In Spanish 3 and 4, the kids turned in their Preterit-o's cereal box projects and started on Imperfect verbs. My co-worker and friend, Zach came up to observe my Spanish 2 Honors class for his graduate classes in administration. So we had a pre-meeting to discuss the things I'd like him to track (student engagement vs. teacher-forced engagement) and then we debriefed and it was so interesting. I'm a huge nerd about tracking and data - so I actually kind of loved it. 

Sporting with a basketball game and a soccer practice for Violet. Gemma had two basketball practices, a basketball game, and she kept stats for the Jr High girls twice. Grey had baseball practice and three basketball games. On Sunday, Brandon and Grey had the Weights&Wings event with the Varsity football team. They had an awesome turn out and I was so bummed I couldn't be there to take photos/vid for their social (because I was recovering from the stomach bug). But Coach Dad did a pretty good job of grabbing footage, so it worked out. So proud of my handsome Coach hubby! 

Making pork fried rice, spaghetti, grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup (for the kids) and roasted red pepper soup (for the parents), chicken & biscuit casserole, homemade pizza (recipe at Team Studer Mom), chopped sandwiches, sloppy joes & roasted broccoli. I made a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies too!

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