Around Here Week 29: 07/18-24

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

 A glimpse into what it is like to live in our home just this moment. 

Intentional Hours Outside: 321+ hours (of 1000)
Thankful that we got a trampoline again (thanks Abba & Chum) because the kids literally use it every single day. Grey ran a few football drills with Vi and Rust this week (LOL) and we got a swim in at Pappy and Gigi's house one afternoon. The kids and I met up with Kayla and Bryan to walk the Jim Mayer trail and it was beautiful and relaxing - even while saving all the centipedes (hahhaha, we actually call it the centipede trail!) 

Reading The Book of Dreams by Nina George and still really enjoying it even though it's pretty intense towards the middle/end of the book. 

Applauding (and thanking!) Uncle Juice who took all four big kids for 10 hours on Tuesday! He picked them up in the morning and they had all kinds of fun with him - the movies! the Ferndale Jubliee! a trip to the playground where Uncle Juice played tag with them! eating at Main Moon! stopping for pizza and ice cream for dinner! He didn't bring them home until 10p and they all poured back into the house sufficiently exhausted and repeating again and again that Uncle Juice is the best ever. (this is facts). 

Talking with my principal about the upcoming school year. I have been making myself sick thinking about the school year and childcare for the last few months. I love my students and teaching (especially my seniors this year!!) but I also look at Olive and then look at Grey and wonder how childhood happens in blinks. Plus, financially with three kids in daycare/preschool I would basically be working full time (and running around like a maniac for drop off/pick up) just to pay for childcare. And with Covid last year which meant kids at home for virtual learning /quarantines which meant we needed someone to be much of last year felt like a juggle to try to figure it out for our kids - OUR KIDS, literally the most important thing to us. So, I'm staying home this year. It is the right decision, I know deep in my heart, but that doesn't make it the easy decision. 

Letting the girls go for major imaginative play when they asked if they could bring moss in the house for their Barbie house. I knew it'd be a huge mess, but also appreciated the creativity. So I reminded them they'd need to clean it all up, but okay. They ended up making a whole backyard area complete with some flowers and even brought in some mulch and more flowers to decorate the front of the house too. It was a HUGE mess, but they did clean it up (after 4 days of playing Barbies a ton). 

Meeting up for ice cream with Miss Nell and her family at Kraus's. It was so nice to catch up and introduce Olive to Miss Nell. The kids - as usual - loved sliding on the tube slides and it was a perfect evening for ice cream and chatting with friends. 

Welcoming Lucille the Studermobile into our hearts. Brandon and his dad rode all the way to Erie (3hrs one way) on Friday morning to pick up our new-to-us 12-passengar vehicle. Then they turned right back around and rode the whole way home! The kids are totally obsessed and already claimed out "their" seats. She is giving me big nostalgic vibes from SU volleyball when we use to travel in vans exactly like her to away games (miss you SUVB girls!) We are still keeping Sheila so that I don't have to haul Lucille all around ton, we just need her when our whole family travels together - and she'll have her first big chance to shine next week when we head to the Poconos for a few days! 

Moving the crib to the girls' room. Since we have a 2 month old (Olive!!) Gem helped me move the crib from the boys' room to the girls' room to get it ready for Olive's overnight switch from our room in the bassinet to the girls' room. We are so close to making the switch - she's sleeping about 7 hours between feedings at night (yay!!) Red now officially has the bottom bunk, although he's been sleeping in our bed most nights for the past week or two. At the fifth baby, we are like whatever. All our kids had such different experiences with bedtime that we know whatever Red is up to right now is a phase.  

Peer pressuring our friends and family to take some of our zucchini - hahahhahahhahahahaha. I have been making all the things too - I shredded 4 cups for winter and I've made chocolate chip zucchini cookies and zucchini brownies. Greyson keeps saying, "MOM! you can't make zucchini everything!?" oh child, watch me. 

Making intentions during the full moon. My parents had a little cookout at their house and my sister Kitty led us all in a full moon intention and chakra guided exercise as the full moon rose into the sky. It was so good and the kids love participating in all of Kitty's witchy stuff because she's the greatest and actually does have some magic in her blood I think. 

Sending kids off to sleepovers, as has been our summer standard this year (lucky us!) Grey had a sleepover with his buddy Josey. Josey's grandparents have a pond so Grey was over the moon to go fishing all afternoon. Violet got a sleepover with Chum and Abba (my mom's first since the accident, so keep up the good work mumma - we are proud of you!) She got to go swimming and golfing with Chum and all the other kids (especially Rusty) are now anxiously awaiting their turn for a Chum & Abba sleepover! And although not a sleepover, Gem had an awesome day at Delgrosso's amusement park with her friend Amiyah riding rides and splashing in the water park and making up dance routines like those two always do. (thank you Rosie for taking her!) 

Finishing the boys' room. B helped me get through all the boys' clothes boxes and finally finish that project. Then we kept going with decluttering the whole room, limiting clothes items in their drawers/closets, and deep cleaning. The room is so easy to clean and they have a ton of space to wrestle and play mini basketball - they love it! (me too!!) B was motivated to participate so I think I might have him on the decluttering hook! He ended up doing the whole kids' bathroom on his own while I was feeding the baby later that afternoon! woohoo, let's keep it going! 

Sporting with fall sports equipment pick up! eek! it's here and I can hardly believe it. Grey got his #8 jersey for majors football, Gem got her minors cheerleading uniform, and Violet picked up her #3 flag football jersey! B will be coaching Grey's team and I am NOT coaching cheer for the first time in 3 years! I'm pretty excited about and so thankful to my co-coach from last` year who is stepping up since I have all these babies to occupy (thanks coach Leesha!!) We will have a kid in all three levels this year, which means on game day we will be at the field for at least six hours (gulp). I ordered this tote bag which will be my supply bag for the season! 

Making sloppy joes, pancakes for breakfast, homemade pizza dough pizzas, and some Omaha Steak meals: beef stroganoff and Shepherd's pie (yum!). 

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