Around Here Week 40: 09/27-10/03

Sunday, October 25, 2020

 A glimpse into what it is like to live in this home just this minute.

Intentional Outdoor Hours: 499h+ (of 1000)
Grey and I took the dogs for a walk after his casting and it was nice to just be with him and get to chat and be together for a little while. The weather has been dipping down into the 30's at night, so the morning and evenings have a pretty severe chill in them. But as all the four-season states know, 'tis the season for a sweater in the morning only to be ripping it off while sweating by the afternoon! 

Reading The Grip of It by Jac Jemc (in school) and Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (after school). 

Calling off on Monday to take Grey to the ortho doctor to confirm a clean break in his right wrist. He got a cast (4 weeks) and was totally bummed. I was glad to be there with him and then catch up on chores, blog posts, and even got a walk in with my cast boy and the dogs. 

Celebrating our 6month of baby! Red is not a half of a year old! He can roll over both ways, kind of hold himself up while sitting but he can't yet go from laying to sitting on his own. He can, however, pull himself (inch worm style) all over the place and even went around the ottoman in the living room on his own chasing a little ball he kept accidentally pushing away from himself. He loves all baby food, but especially peas. No teeth yet and still the sweetest little cheeks and nose I ever did see. He's honestly the most pleasant child I've ever raised. 

Happy for Gemma that she's getting special one on one time with one of her favorite people and it's mutually beneficial for them both - so win/win. Ms Hannah is studying to be a teacher and with covid this year, it is vastly limiting student teacher's abilities to be in the classroom. So Ms Hannah needed to find a student to tutor a few times a week and lucky for us (and her!) our Gemmi is always in need of some extra practice. So the two of them started working together this week and Gem is so happy to have Ms Hannah all to herself and to get some extra help on her homework and studying! Then she got to have a sleepover with her bestie, Sophia and it really was the icing on the week for her. (Plus I got to see Kate during the pickup/drop off and we even facetimed Karpy together - gosh, miss being your roommates on a weekly basis - hah!)

Moving the little chickies to the coop. They were outgrowing their set up in the garage, so B moved them out to the coop in the run area. He set up their own little fenced off section (the big chickens are still bullying them a bit) and installed the heat lamp too for night until their full feathers come in. They are loving the space and seem to be growing twice as fast now (hah!) We have a few big chickens molting and getting new feathers and those poor things look so pitiful!

Seeing camo. Archery season is here officially. Bye Daddy and Grey. They both attended a youth pheasant hunt on Saturday morning (Grey using his middle finger as the trigger finger since he is casted up - good grief). Cousins Ray & Reid were there, in from Etown, so Grey was thrilled. The four of them stopped by the house after to shot the crossbows before heading back to the woods to bowhunt for deer later that afternoon then. 

Drawing. We found a step-by-step drawing book and since we ran out of printer paper, the kids have been asking me to draw them coloring pages. They are obsessed and it occupies them and keeps them relatively stationary and not making huge messes for a sustained period of time - so I'll take it! Also, my drawing skills are on the up and up!

Fall sporting with Grey's last game of the season at Blacklick. He didn't even get to take a snap in the game before he had missed a tackle at safety and landed on his right hand/wrist. He didn't get back into the game and is done for the season. Our team actually lost two other players that game too (!! our running back broke his collarbone and our back up safety broke his wrist too!) Gem practiced and cheered in her boot this week. The rest of this week practices and games were cancelled because on top of breaking our players (!) the other team's coach also tested positive for Covid, so we were asked to hold off on practices for a week and games with other teams for 2 weeks. 

Teaching Somos 1 Unit 2 (camina vs. corre) in Spanish 1. We listened to El Cucuy by Joe Hayes and did our Spanish writing retell in Spanish 2 while Spanish 3 worked on their Frida Kahlo inspired self-portraits after learning about her for Hispanic Heritage month. Spanish 4 completed chapters 7-10 in Robo en la Noche. We had our first Early Dismissal day for teacher training on Friday and the day with students flew by and then I spent my extra time helping our secretaries and principals in Schoology and so, my room has yet to be organized from the start of the school year (LOL). 

Making white chicken chili, taco salads for taco Tuesday, left over hot dogs with corn on the cob. 

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  1. I miss being YOUR roommate daily, weekly, hourly!!! I love a quick, hectic FaceTime any day <3 xoxoxo