Around Here Week 34: 08/17-22

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

 A glimpse into what it is like to live in our home right this minute.

photo cred: Becky Conn

Intentional Outdoor Hours: 401+ (of 1000)
The back porch has become our outdoor haven and we are racking up the hours out there. We don't have our rain spout up yet, so the kids and I were out there sweeping rain and hail off the patio while it was flooding under the roof from how much rain we got in a few thunderstorms this week. Brandon eventually dug a little ditch right off the roof in the flowerbed to give it somewhere to go - but holy cow we were laughing and sweeping like crazy fools twice! Also, the kids put on baseball helmets and rain out to jump on the trampoline in the hail. Good grief. 

Reading this article from the Rolling Stone and Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (obsessed). 

Spreading kindness through thank you cards to our neighbors who have beautiful flowers in their front yard that we get to enjoy each time we pass through the neighborhood.

Singing Happy Half Birthday to Gemmi Rose who turned eight and a half this week! We measure her height on our doorframe (as tall as Grey was at 9yrs old!) and sang with candles over pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. 

Enjoying a day in the summer sun with the Conns at the Que. Both of us teacher moms needed a break from classroom prepping, lesson plan stressing, and last minute regulation whiplashing. (hah). It was  perfect afternoon lunching and hanging on the beach while the kids played happily. A much needed breather before the first day of school next week! 

Preparing for the new school year doing our yearly things like having the school-aged kids write their name on the papers from K-12. Violet and I attended Kinder registration together and I was mostly like, "eh, I'm fine, third kid" but then her teacher started talking about them choosing their lunch choices and hanging up their backpacks and I started tearing up in her tiny chair at her tiny desk and oh, Violet - she is going to love school so much! My laundry bag arrived and we talked to the kids about putting their masks in the laundry bag after school each day so they can be washed. And I ordered lanyards to hold their masks (like chains for eye glasses) for each of them and me too! 

sending our deepest love and sympathies to a family friends who lost a loved one this week. thank you Miss Hannah for hanging with the boys and to our Garrettson cousins who took the girls to the sunflower maze so B and I could be at the viewing.  

Knocking out last minute appointments. Grey and I had a chiropractor appointment (yay!) and then Violet and I went to the eye doctor. She did great and yeesh - my eyes....haha OLD LADY eyes.

Feeling like we are just getting swept up in the current as the school year approaches and fall sports continue. Like what is happening? For real though...? We are doing this? We aren't doing this? We're kind of doing this? #sendwineandchocolate 

Fall sporting with the last week of practice before games begin. My cheer girls got their half time routine down and successfully learned both quarter sideline dances (woohoo!) The majors football team is ready to rumble - so let's go! 

Teacher prepping with a planning meeting with our Schoology implementation group on Monday morning (thank you Taylor for babysitting!) and then a visit into the classroom on Tuesday with all five kids in a tiny bit done, but mostly the kids just came to eat lunch and watch Ferdinand and wreck my Reader's Theater costume bin. I got to have a lunch date with Brandon at Yamato on Monday after my planning meeting (I love being co-workers!) and we packed sandwiches and snacks for our classroom visit and Daddy joined us in my room for lunch that day too. 

Making chicken supreme casserole (swiss cheese & butter cracker topping), keto beef, broccoli, and alfredo casserole.  I am trying to get back into the swing of cooking dinners regularly to prepare for back to school. I made a big grocery trip and stuck post-its on all the food the kids aren't allowed to eat until at least after the first day of school (hahhaha!) 

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