Around Here Week 35: 08/25-31

Sunday, September 8, 2019

A glimpse into what it is like to live in our home just this back to school minute!

Intentional Outdoor Hours: 573+ hours (of 1000)
Up 11 hours this week which isn't too shabby for the first week back at school. Fall sports (games & practices), the community pep rally night, and a walk with the dogs all helped move my numbers forward.

Reading I'll Think It You Say It by Curtis Sittenfield just a little bit because mostly I'm trying to get back into the swing of this wild routine of life again.

Celebrating another year around the sun with my 36th birthday! It was a great day and I got teary-eyed and overwhelmed with the gratitude of this life only one time! (haha, making progress!) B and the kids sang to me at home before bed after a long day for everyone at school. The day before - my parents, our whole fam, Mimi, Butter, and the Huffmans all had dinner together at Tailgatez after the football game where they squeezed in a singing of Happy Birthday (hahhaa, love youns) and I received so many beautiful wishes, visits (!), texts (!), messages, emails, and thoughtful surprises. Thank you all for thinking of me, the greatest gift is your friendship in this life. xxox

Grateful for my StitchFix box that arrived just in time for the start of a new school year. My entire first day of school outfit came from my most recent StitchFix! My stylist Lucy gets me and I love receiving my wardrobe pieces every other month in the mail. Not only because they are beautiful and fit great, but mostly because I hate shopping so much. If you're ever considering trying StitchFix, use this code and I get a little something and so do you!

Starting a new school year! Grey is a fourth grader, Gemma a second grader, Violet started 4/5 preschool, and the RustMan is in the 3yr preschool class. They all had their first day on Monday while I headed to school for an in-service day in the morning and then Meet the Teacher that night. My students came on Tuesday for their first day of school. Here we go again!

Figuring it out as we get back into the routine and juggle all sorts of things. The big kids had no school on Friday, so Abba & Chum took all four (!!) for the whole day and a sleepover. Brandon was at High Ridge hunting preserve all day on Saturday acting as a guide and then Grey had a birthday sleepover on Saturday night. I returned our overdue library books and squeezed in a grocery haul for the week (thanks Walmart pick up!) It's a little rocky trying  get to all our regular chores (laundry, cleaning) and then add on top of that homework (which didn't come in full force yet, but oh man - the first week of school parent paperwork (send chocolate!). We will get there - I just can't understand how every year, my mind somehow has erased the befuddlement of these first few weeks and I'm surprised again how chaotic and jammed packed every day feels.

Date nighting it with dinner at the Chinese buffet (filling our bellies painfully full  &warming our souls with hot tea) and then watching a movie/falling asleep on the couches until 2am. #stillgotit (LOL) Thanks to Abba & Chum who had the kiddos on Friday night!

Sending out my short story to some publishers! I feel brave that I gulped down that fear and feeling of inadequacy and just pressed send. (thank you mostly to my dear friend -and editor - Loni for your persistence and belief in me!) Even if I never hear back (or get a real rejection! ee!) I feel proud that I threw it out there into the void and tried. That's what I want our babies and my students to do - that's what I'm always encouraging to just take a swing! And I did - even if it was scary - so that feels like quite a big reason to feel proud of myself.

Fall Sporting with our first official games this week. We both had only one practice this week and the Community Pep Rally on Tuesday night. The cheerleaders did great at their first game both cheering and our half time dance. Me and 18 little girls is quite an exhausting two hours (hah), but honestly they are really good and we have fun. The football boys played Meyersdale (who was the only team to beat them last year) and so they were out for a little revenge. They let them know it with a win of 46-0 because for goodness sakes, there will be no misunderstandings withe playoffs standings this year, my friends!

Teaching Somos Unit 1- Dice to Spanish 1 classes and I love so much their looks of pure astonishment at their own brilliance when they realize that they understand what I'm saying as I do the Wildebeest movietalk on Day 4. (I'm officially obsessed with comprehensible input, so thanks, bye). Spanish 2 and 2 Honors all did some review this week on the Super 7 verbs and started personal interviews. Spanish 3/4 celebrated Tomatina with the Martina Bex Unit including a tissue paper 'tomato' fight. I used this purchase from TeachersPayTeachers to help me build my own powerpoint for the kids about my class procedures and expectations. It went over great and I am so happy that I walked through the logistics with them on Thursday.

Frugal Living by ordering my Walmart grocery pick up through the Ibotta app ($3 back each time) and keeping my weekly groceries under $100 because I'm trying to make use of all the things we have in our pantry and deep freezer before buying new.

Making brats, hot dogs, and kielbasa on the grill, turkey burgers and mac&cheese, chicken and gravy over mashed potatoes in the crockpot and breakfast for dinner (french toast!) The babies helped me make some peanut butter kiss cookies for the first day of school. Heather brought us dinner of baked chicken and twice-bake cauliflower (OMG, delish) for my birthday because she is the most thoughtful ever (thank you!!)

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