Around Here Week 16: 04/14-04/20

Monday, May 6, 2019

A peek into what it is like to live in our home just this minute:

Intentional Outdoor Hours:  59+ hours (of 1000)
Up about 11 hours this week thanks to spring weather and the our time at the fields for spring sports. We were so lucky to have a gorgeous evening on Thursday night and we stayed out way past our bedtimes around the fire.

Reading The Feeding and Care of Ravenously Hungry Girls by Anissa Gray and There's No Such Thing as Bad Weather by Linda Akeson McGurk....still.

Marveling at our bean seeds growing! The kids each planted a few bean seeds in a bag at Reading Night the other week and basically to humor them, we put in a few tablespoons of water and left them on the counter. To our shock and awe - these bean plants are growing, and incredibly fast. Brandon transplanted them to a tupperware dish and we swear they are growing an inch a day! We don't even know what kind of beans they are (I fear they might be beanstalks to giants in the sky plants! LOL) but whatever they are; we are about to have plenty of them!

Receiving my 2017-18 family yearbook from Shutterfly! Eeeeeeee, it makes me so happy. It takes me almost a whole year to finish it but each time I receive the final product of my labor of love, it gives me enough energy to do it again for the next year - hahhaa. it's therapeutic, I swear.

Hosting two sleepovers at our house! First Sophia and Gemma talked their mommas into an impromptu sleepover when the Fiores were visiting for the afternoon on early dismissal day and then cousin Caleb slept over our house on Friday night! It is always somehow easier when we have extra kids in the house because there are less sibling fights. I don't know how it works but #bigfamprobs

Having a college friends dinner and playdate at our house with Brandon's W&J roommates plus all.the.kiddos. We had pizza and desserts and spent most of the night chasing kids around and trying to squeeze in life updates between kids asking us for another snack.

Feeling grateful to all the good men in our life who showed up bright and early on youth turkey day to mentor our Greyson Rudy. They didn't have success but to see him surrounded by so many dudes who were excited for him and ready to teach him made me so grateful and proud.

Enjoying our Adams family at Easter dinner on Saturday. We had a delicious meal, and egg hunt, and finished the night off with some Just Dance on Youtube. We lucked out with a beautifully sunny day so we spent most of the time after dinner sitting on the deck and catching up with family that came in from all over (Montana, Chicago, Pittsburgh). The kids are always so happy to have so many people willing to play with them endlessly on holidays (hah).

Spring Sporting with baseball games and soccer practices. Grey has been doing well pitching and/or playing short stop in his games. I was able to finish my concession stand duty at his game this week and put that check in the box (good thing because we have a lot of overlap coming up between soccer and baseball games!) My little U5 soccer team makes me laugh every practice with their hugging and cheering each other on. Gem is really starting to understand the rules now between defense and offense. Soccer games won't start until the last week of April/first week of May - but we are just about ready!

Teaching about los castells de Tarragona in Spanish 1 and building cup towers. Spanish 1 Honors learned about the Mexican street food favorite: el elote and the Mexican Easter tradition of cascarones. Spanish 2 took a quiz on Spanish animal vocab and we played the Taco vocab game from The Engaged Spanish Classroom (tpt). Spanish 2 Honors learned about Las Madres de la Plaza de Mayo and did some research about the desaparecidos of la Guerra Sucia. And Spanish 3 Honors worked on their rough and final drafts of their Robo en la Noche final papers and I was so proud! On Thursday for our early dismissal day, the gym teachers hosted a Nitro ball and pickle ball tournament. It was a fun day and a great way to boost school morale heading into these last few weeks of school - we have only 26 more days!

Making strombolis (thank you student fundraiser!), frozen pizzas, hot dogs and cheddar brats over the fire, egg sausage casserole, and chocolate chip cookies & ordering in pizza for our college friend get together.

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