Vially at three.

Friday, November 24, 2017

dearest squishiest, honeyiest pie Vially,
three suits you. i feel like you at three is maybe the you'est you - is there some way we could keep you always this sweet, and snuggly with that mouse squeak voice? oh, how we all wish with our deepest wishes because you are pretty much everyone's favorite.

not kidding about the everyone's favorite. You are. You're the child most often that our friends and family whisper to us, 'I'll keep this one if you like' because you just have the thing that the Olsen twins had when they were toddlers on Full House - the 'aww' factor for anything and everything you do and no one can resist your fourteen million dollar smile.  And that smile that doesn't come for free man, you gotta work for it. If someone wins your affection the look on their face is sheer astonishment and joy - like how people look when they're surprised with puppies and kitties.

You are tough and brave and weirdly cool for your age. You had a horse themed birthday party and it doesn't appear to be a fad you're growing out of. You talk about Dawn (Uncle Dave & Aunt Cindy's horse who came to your party!) at least once a week and love looking at books about horses.

You still love Barbie dolls and the stories and dialogue you make up for them is so adorable to walk up on. You also love puzzles and coloring pictures - you're getting better and better at coloring in the lines and you can draw a simple smiley face now with these big circle round eyes (that take up most of the circle face) and a funny little barely turned up line for the smile.

Your second favorite movie is Jurassic World.  Jurassic Park 1, 2, and 3 are also in your top 5.  The Book of Life about el dia de los muertos is your favorite movie and you can say 'María Posada with an incredible Spanish accent.  Speaking of Spanish you also know how to say pengüino (penguin) and caballo (horse). I asked you how to say "mom" in Spanish and you said, "Tabitha!" (hah). 

I love to see how you interact with your siblings. You get tough and wild with Grey and you two are always getting in trouble together because the silliness is through the roof. He encourages you to say ridiculous things and while he laughs so hard he almost falls out of his seat, you just ham it up some more - even if you're about an inch away from getting sent to time out (talking about poop and weiners and buttfaces is the general theme). 

With Gemma you go full on baby mode because Gem will literally pick you up and carry you around the house if you show the slightest sign of distress. She rubs your back and fixes your hair and teaches you all about being a mom and a 'girlfriend.' I catch you two snuggled up or holding hands all the time and it makes me so thankful my heart cracks open and I send gratitude out to the whole world to all the sisters and all the ways we give each other life and love and support. (#sisterscomefirst).  

And with Rusty you are learning a new way to be as he gets older and more durable and dominant. You are learning about ways you can boss him around or play with him or be sneaky together (like squeezing butt cream all over play doh!) and also by copying Gemma and taking good care of Rust in little ways. 

We took you to daycare this year while you were still two and they tried to be all serious about not moving you up to preschool until you were officially three, and even then sometimes three year olds struggle, and then I picked you up on Day One and they were like, "oh yeah, she's just going to preschool right now, she's totally fine." and Daddy and I were like, "um, yeah, duh."

You're a darling at daycare and one of your teachers told me, "I've never seen that child be bad in my life." You are learning so much and making all kinds of new friends. I love to hear about your day and learn your friends' names and about the songs you sang. You are quite a story teller and regularly tell little fib stories for who knows what reason.  You recently told me that "Santa stole all your underwear" which is why you were wearing Gemma's underpants. And you've also lied to me and told me you went to time out in daycare because you "told all my friends to SHUTUP!" (I actually asked the teachers if this was true which was what prompted the teacher to tell me the aforementioned quote about your behavior). 

Va-vi, you are such a gift to all of us. You make us laugh and smile and bring so much joy to our days. Your imagination and the way you are a friend (already! a real friend!) make this world a kinder place. We wish you could be three forever because you're so squishy and huggable and the 'aww factor' just oozes out of everything you do - but my sweet, it's impossible and the bigger part of my momma's heart can't wait to see how you continue to grow and turn more into the you'est you. Gosh, the world doesn't even deserve a more you'er you - but maybe that's just what the world needs, my darling. The world needs more wonder, more aww, more hugs, and the world needs more cool, weird friends. 

Vially girl,
everyday I can't believe 
how I got so lucky
to be your momma. 
my little peanut. 
i love you forever
and ever
even when you get so big

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