Around Here Nineteen: 05/05-05/11

Friday, May 12, 2017

A glimpse into what it is like to live in our home just this minute.

photo credit: Jenn Valentine

Intentional Outdoor Hours:  107+ hours (of 1000)
We snagged some outdoor hours in the yard on the tractor, Gems' teeball game last Friday, our marathon, and a hike in the woods and some tree climbing with the little kids.  Gosh, I am so anxious for warmer weather - we had that little taste

Reading The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood for the second go around.  The show inspired by this story on Hulu looks incredible and I can't wait to watch it when I'm done!

Finishing our first ever half marathon in Pittsburgh on Sunday.  Full story here.

Closing out our fifth year of Screen Free week and loving the chance to be fully present and intentional.  I do have a whole post on my reflections coming yesterday asap!

Smiling at Greyson's spring concert as the kinder and first grade students sang a medly of songs.  Grey even had a 'solo' where he spoke into the microphone, "Strawberries."  All week long we were trying to talk him into doing it in all sorts of voices (high pitched, opera, etc), but he was pretty nervous to just say it in his regular voice.  He was even practicing the word in the mirror before we left (I die).  It was really a sweet program and the kids did great.  All the grandparents were in the house to see it which was so special - and the girls have been singing all the songs all week.  I swear, "Miss Lucy" can make a momma go crazy - hahha.

Prepping and getting excited about an event my sis and I have helped organize for this weekend to showcase all the great, active groups that are in our area.  We spent an afternoon at the playground/park (Greenhouse Park) where the Rec the Alleghenies Expo will be held this Saturday from noon-6p.  There will be demonstrations (horses! kayaking! a bounce house!) and information about local organizations available.  All free to the public - stop on by!

Watching our butterflies hatch from their chrysalis in the butterfly habitat.  The kids are loving it (so is our cat who has made swatting attempts at them flying around.  As soon as the weather gets a little warmer (!!?!) we'll be setting them free!

Touched by Gemma's generous heart.  I asked her why she had so little milk in her cereal and she said, "Well there was only a little bit left and I wanted to make sure I left some for Violet." She's not tall enough to see that there was a full gallon unopened on the top shelf.  I gave her a big squeeze and told her how proud I was of her thinking of her little sis and being so generous and thoughtful.  Then I filled that cereal bowl to the rim.

Marveling at our children growing.  One part screen free week focus and one part mother's day coming up, but it's been staggering obvious this past week how our kids are growing.  Rusty is walking all around this place and really giving us his personality (such a gemini! sweetest angel boy ever or crazy madman).  Violet pulling out hilarious jokes and trying big words on for size in perfect context.  Gemmi Ro, our almost kindergarten girl still wanting so much to be a teenager.  And our Booboo, such a big boy - so sweet and helpful sometimes, but also stretching his big boy wings and testing us with some major sass lately.  They just keep growing which is beautiful and heartbreaking.  I always keep one foot on the truth that my big purpose as a momma is to raise these babies up so that they need me less and less each day - and it's both a terrible job and an incredible honor.

Making Taco Pasta for taco Tuesday, Grilled Salmon and Baked Scallops for our monthly grown-up meal (kids had mac&cheese and hot dogs), 3B Porkchops, and chicken and rice soup with 4 ingredient cheddar beer bread.  I finally got to the grocery store yesterday and stocked up for about a month and a half.

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  1. "They just keep growing which is beautiful and heartbreaking. I always keep one foot on the truth that my big purpose as a momma is to raise these babies up so that they need me less and less each day - and it's both a terrible job and an incredible honor."
    Crying. All the big fat, Mother's-day-induced, my-babies-are-growing-up tears running down my cheeks. You speak the truth, mama!
    I have a screen-free post coming up soon as well! I can't wait to read yours!!!