Feb kindness

Friday, March 9, 2012

Let's do a little rewind back to February to cover our kindness for the month.  We have set our February kindness as baking cookies for the local fire department for all 4 years of our commitment to the 12 months of kindness challenge, but this year was especially meaningful as Grey really got to be a part of it.  Early in the week leading up to Valentines Day, Grey and I took to the kitchen to tackle some cookie baking.  

Grey is now old enough to be able to help pour in ingredients (without missing the bowl), and even help stir (well kind of).  We talked a lot about why we were baking the cookies.  The conversation went like this:

Mum:  "Grey, what are we doing?"
Grey:  "makin cookies"
Mum:  "That's right, we're making cookies for the fireman"
Grey:  "yea, fireman.  cookies for fireman"
Mum:  "We're going to give them a surprise because they keep us safe."
Grey:  "yea"

Even still, when we talk about making cookies, Grey asks, "For the firemen?"  We made chocolate chip & cashew cookies (which were delicious..you know we had to sample the crumbly ones!)  Once Grey went to nap, I whipped up a batch of chocolate covered pretzels to add to our care package.  Partly because they are easy and partly at 40 weeks pregnant, I was seriously jonesing for some sweet&salty snacks.

Grey and I attempted to drop off the cookies later that day, but since our local fire department is volunteer, there wasn't anyone at the fire house that day.  Later that week, while I was running errands and Grey was home with his Dad, I drove by to find some firemen in house.  So, I stopped alone and dropped off the cookies and our homemade thank you card.  The volunteer that accepted the kindness was a firewoman and (like happens every year) she was one part grateful and another part confused.  I explained that my family and I just wanted to show our gratitude for their bravery and dedication to our community, to which she thanked me and wished me good luck with my new baby (since my belly bump was all up in everyone's business at that point, hah).  

I love our February kindness, not only because it is fairly easy to thank our local heroes, but also because it reminds me how important it is to push yourself out of you comfort zone to reach out to strangers.  It can feel really awkward and embarrassing to knock on the door and reach out your hand to say this is me saying hello and thank you to you, face to face, in a world where we do most of that through the web these days, but I think its still important and I think it feels empowering.  I always go there feeling awkward about it and leave feeling proud.  

Then I got a valentines day surprise from my two guys.  February kindness is the best:)

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