Hairbow or mustache?

Friday, October 7, 2011

We had our ultrasound today at 21 weeks and 2 days.  And the ultrasound technician knows what gender our new baby will be....but we don't....yet.

Greyson slept over at his Abba & Chum's house so B and I could fumble around the house this morning without having to worry about getting a toddler clothed, fed, and out the door in time for our 8am ultrasound.  I had a pre-addressed & stamped envelope complete with a thick green paper tucked inside for the technician.  When she asked, do you want to know what you're having?  I said, "well, not right this second.  We're doing a gender reveal party, so could you write down the gender on this paper and not tell us?"  and she said, "hopefully, geez, no pressure" and then I loved her.

The ultrasound went fine and at one point I picked my head off the pillow and looked over top of my belly with goop all over it and B and I made smiley faces at each other full of secret mischief.  Because in this room there were four people; 1 not yet born, 2 who will love it no matter what its's private parts look like, and 1 who actually knew what it's private parts will look like.  It felt positively electric.  B and I were both itching to know and nervous that she would accidentally blurt it out or fudge a pronoun.  We were in on the secret, but not the whole way was so fun and nerve-racking.

After we saw the little beaner sucking its thumb and punching my insides (and said a few, "hi baby"s) I headed into my appointment and B was off to work.  All is well and growing fine.  I had to explain to three different people that we were having a gender reveal party and so "no, we don't know yet, but I'll know by next week." I heaved a sigh of relief to get out of there without anyone accidentally telling me.  Phew, how some folks go through that at every doc appointment when they don't want to know is beyond me!  Props to those disciplined mamas; me - no way!

So the gender is sealed up and making ist way to Wexford, PA to our baker and friend, Crystal, who will be making our gender reveal party cake!  Details of the party (and pictures, obvioussssssly) will be updated after our party next Sunday the 16th.  But until then, here's a preview of the invitations we sent out:

And a shout out to this pinterest pin that I'm using to help make all our party mustaches (and those featured in the invite by my handsome hubs and son):

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