Baby Bump...what a difference 14 weeks make!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Brandon and I have been horrible about keeping track of my belly growth in pictures.  We have however been tracking it growth in inches each week, which I think is a little easier to stomach (haha, excuse the pun).  However, we did take a picture at 7 weeks (seems like forever ago) and then finnnnallly just took another this past week at 21 weeks.  I wore the same outfit both times to see if we could see any difference...the answer is obvious.  At seven weeks the baby is the size of a blueberry and now at 21 weeks the baby is as long as a large carrot!  (fruit/veg comparisons from aka my fav pregnancy website).  This baby has grown quite a bit in 14 weeks, and so have I!

7 weeks...bump not visible:

21 weeks...quite obvious bump:

As much as I love my bump, let's just be honest...I'm not going to be wearing that outfit anytime soon again...HAH.  In terms of food cravings or aversions, it hasn't been too bad.  I can't stand strawberries or orange juice.  Generally, I can't eat before 9am and have some pretty bad heartburn that can only be relieved by vanilla milkshakes (go figure).  I haven't had any serious food cravings, but there are certain foods that I would prefer throughout the day.  Like cookies, chocolate, vanilla milkshakes (heh), and anything with syrup on it.....haha, this baby is his mother's son that's for sure!  The baby loves breakfast foods (toast, pancakes, eggs, french toast, pastries, donuts).  So pretty much to look at the scoreboard of life:  Belly 11, Momma in 11 lbs (right on target).

I had to practically restrain myself in bed the other night at 4am not to get up and devour milk and oreos.  With some serious effort and coaxing, I didn't get up and it felt like quite an accomplishment.  So not a complete shut-out: Belly 11, Momma 1

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