Week in the Life: Sunday

Monday, October 19, 2015

photos taken: 32

Sunday was an early morning with snow flurries (!) Brandon was off to work by 7am, the kids eating breakfast while I lesson planned for CCD that morning (nothing like procrastination, right?)  Then getting dressed, taking care of dogs, out the door by 9:00am to make it to drop off the girls with Gigi and Pappy while Greyson and I spent the morning at CCD (he in Kinder and me teaching 5th grade).  After CCD, Greyson and I stopped to visit with Mimi for a little while before spending the early part of the afternoon at Pappy and Gigi's house.  The kids even got a in a quad ride with Pap (even though it was freezing!) and Gigi and I giggled at Violet while relishing a second cup of coffee each.

At 2:00pm, the kids and I met our Family Service Club group at the ACRP play center to help pack hygiene kits for local shelters and centers.  I am so grateful to be a part of the FSC-Johnstown group (thank you Megan for leading it!) as it provides us monthly kid-friendly activities that we can participate to volunteer or do something kind locally.  On the way in, Gemma said, "I love helping the kids.  I don't want any kids to not have food!  Or soap!"

After the kits were all created (we made 150 thanks to all the awesome donations!), we went upstairs to the playspace.  The kids had a great time and I'm so glad to know of it now that the cold weather is coming in fierce.  It had a huge indoor play space and all three kids found things to play with and met new friends.  It was a great way to burn some weekend energy and for only $3 a kid!  On our way home, Greyson said, "See!  When you be kind, you get to do fun things like play.  Thanks for taking us here, Mum."  I almost fainted of happiness.

By the time we got home, I had three pretty sleepy kids.  Violet napped on the ride and then woke up promptly upon our arrival (of course).  I got the kids set up to watch Spooky Buddies on Netflix and we had a pizza couch-picnic early dinner.   Then it was Sunday evening baths/showers with my never-stop-talking three year old, my five year old who doesn't 'need a shower, Mom!' boy, and a particularly cranky one year old who didn't get a proper nap that day.  Then, bedtime stories with the big ones which Brandon got home right as we finished up the last story, just in time to say goodnight to the two big ones.

As it was our seventh wedding anniversary yesterday, we had full intentions of cooking a fancy dinner together followed up by our favorite show together on the couch.  But I had enjoyed too much pizza at the couch picnic and B said his stomach felt a little off and wanted some soup instead.  Life, man.  Brandon's reaction to my setting up the timer to take photos of us on the couch:  'what are we, the Kardashians?' Hah, Patient and supportive he is, amused? not so much.

We did cuddle up on the couch to watch The Walking Dead together, while he fell asleep during the talk show afterwards.  Then it was a quick pick-up of things downstairs, running the dishwasher and off to bed for us.  It's impossible for me to fall asleep after the walking dead, so even though it was after eleven pm, I got in some reading to get my mind ready for restful sleep.

I was just stretching my wings on this project for the first day, so I felt like I kept forgetting where the camera was all day(I left it in the car entirely while visiting Mimi, Gigi, and Pappy!)  It is definitely intense to try to spend the whole day looking at it through the lens (both literally and figuratively thinking about what moments I want to capture/preserve...all of them!?)  Day One down!


  1. 'what are we, the Kardashians?' So hilarious. Why don't husbands (and kids for that matter?) understand the process of setting up a camera only to act like there's no camera and we're just all acting naturally?! HAHAHA. They just can't see or appreciate our vision :)

  2. That picture of Gemma in the tub? Gorgeous!!! I love this and am looking forward to seeing your week!