Around Here Week 39: 09/20-26

Thursday, October 15, 2020

 A glimpse into what it is like to live in our home in this exact moment. 

Intentional Outdoor Hours: 492+ hours (of 1000)
I took the three littles and the dogs for a wonderful walk on Sunday afternoon and Rust knew enough to stop us half way around the cornfield and ask to go back the way we came because "ya know what? I'm going to be too tired to go the whole way!" I took that for a win, so we made our way back and I let them climb the apple tree. 

Reading and finishing The Crooked House by Agatha Christie. Still continuing Outlander by Diana Gabaldon and borrowing a spooky story from my co-worker and bestie at school, Renee. The book is The Grip of It by Jac Jemc and is already getting me into the spooky vibes for the season!

Laughing because 2020 and the universe and God and destiny and karma and the manifestations of the seven year old version of myself-all have a sense of humor. And the whole point of life is to laugh and love - so that's what we're doing. Laughing our butts off and loving each other through it all. 

Getting a boot for Gemmi's busted foot.  Still no sign of a break on the x-ray, but she hasn't been able to put any weight on it for four days (literally crawling to the bathroom). So Brandon took her to the ortho walk-in clinic and got her suited up with an air boot and crutches. She was so grateful to get back to school on Monday morning afterward. She has a follow up appointment next week to see if she's on the road to recovery for a bad sprain or if it's something worse (a tendon tear?) 

Saddened and defeated about the verdict of the Breonna Taylor trial. How do her neighbor's walls get more justice than her life?

Celebrating our newly minted 6 year old! Our Violet Mary turned 6 this week and is still a mighty little peanut. She can do 15+ chin ups, 15+ push ups, can do her own ponytails, loves scary movies, and can sing the chorus to Cielito Lindo in Spanish ( #mommasgirl ). 

Loving the newest look to our back porch that B decided at the last minute to hang up the light bulb strings from our wedding reception (that have spent the last 11 years in a box in our attic) for the party. I loved the porch before...well know it's a full blown obsession. 

Hosting a football birthday party at our house for Vially's birthday. We set up the projector under the new porch with a white sheet and played The Little Giants (best movie everrrr) and had food and snacks and kids running in every direction all night long. It was honestly kind of madness but the grown ups mostly hung out around the firepit while the kids went bonkers and it was perfect. I made the cupcake cake (a stadium) and the grandmas and aunts all brought food to help contribute too (thank you!) 

Supporting a student at his Eagle Scouts ceremony! I was so proud to be invited and to be a witness to his achievement to be honored as an Eagle Scout (at 15!)

Spending time with friends at baby Tristan's first birthday party and loving time to play with his big sis Tessa and our favs (their parents; Uncle Jonny & Ninna). 

Fall sporting with Gemma practicing in her boot this week which is no problem for sideline cheers and dances, but we have to pull down some majors cheerleaders to take her place as a base in the stunt of our halftime dance. Just practices this week as we had a game on Saturday and not again until Sunday. 

Teaching adjectives and ser in Spanish 1 including their first time doing running dictation. Spanish 2 started Somos 1 Unit 9 learning about animal vocab and the verb phrase tener miedo which leads into our spooky unit for the next few weeks.  Spanish 3 Honors finished their musical tournament and all of their presentations of their artists and song selections. Our winner this year was Jennifer Lopez On the Floor (so happy it wasn't another year of Livin' La Vida Loca!). Spanish 4 read Chapters 5-7 en Robo en la Noche. 

Making ham & cheese sliders on Hawaiian buns, Korean beef over jasmine rice, pot roast in the slow cookers with potatoes and carrots, and cream cheese chicken taquitos. The kids ate so much pot roast at dinner that night that B and I almost didn't get to eat - we were joking about making ourselves pb&j (but also, what is the plan when they get older? uh oh). Can we also talk about how much better jasmine rice is than white or brown rice? no contest. 

Around Here Week 38: 09/13-19

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

 A glimpse into what it is like to live in our home exactly right now. 

Intentional Outdoor Hours:  478+ hours (of 1000)
whew! the fall chill is creeping in now at night. It was downright cold on Saturday night at Grey's game and I was so chilled I had to go home and take a hot shower just to warm my bones up again!

Reading Crooked House by Agatha Christie. 

Getting through it. These fall weeks of sports and back to school are such a blur and adjustment. It feels like we've settled into somewhat of a routine of the week, but chores are barely maintained through the school week and it's a mad dash come the weekend to try to make up the difference. By Sunday evening, I'm started to sweat thinking about gearing up and getting through another week and making sure everyone has everything they need and are everywhere they need to be. I'm doing awful at maintaining my planner which I know is contributing to my stress (and don't even get me started on not keeping up with blogging. Recording my thoughts and our life is such a stress reliever for me, but these last few weeks (months?!) I have pushed it to the way way back burner because everything else seems so much more pressing (#enneagram2probs) 

Carrying Gem around everywhere. Literally. On Wednesday night while I was at the neighbor's house helping with Schoology - Gem fell/jumped off the trampoline and did something to her right foot. I didn't get home until 9p and everyone was still awake and she couldn't put any pressure on it. Instead of sitting in the ER all night, we got her up to bed and B took her to the Peds on Thursday morning and they sent her to get an x-ray. They didn't see any breaks/fractures so they sent her home with instructions to elevate, ice, and take pain meds. She still couldn't put weight on by Saturday and we were carrying her or she was crawling to the bathroom (literally). I called around looking for anywhere that we could get her something to help (crutches/boot) and went so far as ordering a child size boot off of amazon! Thankfully our friends the Conns had some crutches for us to borrow until Monday when we have plans to take her to ortho first thing! (thank you Conn family!) 

Organizing our first staff potluck event of the year. Since we are dealing with covid, we had a 'picnic' style luncheon and everyone brought individually wrapped items (mini sandwiches, cups of pasta salad and fruit salad, veggie cups with dip in it). It actually turned out really cute and delicious! 

Volunteering at the CT color run like we have in the past. The kids and I threw color at the start and finish of the race while Grey ran the 5k with his friends. (B was at home working on the roof with my Dad). Gem had to sit to throw the color because of her foot, but she still had fun. Rust and Vi were covered head to toe in blue color and Grey ran the whole thing in good time.

Fall sporting with two games this week the way the schedule worked out. We played a home game vs. Portage on Sunday and it went great all around (cheering & playing). The it was practices all week including painting signs at cheerleading for the final run throughs for the season. We had a night game on Saturday at home (the last home game of the year) and Gem didn't cheer since her foot was busted. Grey's team won by a lot (we even got to have our 5th grade girl run the ball- the boys were so pumped about getting her the chance to make some plays!) but it was absolutely freezing that night! Pappy, Uch, and Kevin all were able to make to the game with extra tickets from another player (thank you!)

Teaching adjectives and numbers in Spanish 1, we started watching La Canela in Spanish 2 to close out our Comida unit (the kids love that movie!), and Spanish 3 Honors learned about Richie Valens and started researching their musical artists for our presentations & tournament next week. Spanish 4 Honors started their first novel, Robo en la Noche and read chapters 1-4. 

Making turkey taco meat over pasta, burgers/hot dogs/shrimp on the grill, spaghetti with meat sauce, and sloppy joes and shells & cheese. We also ordered in one night with a Big Daddy and wings from Foxes Pizza. 

Around Here Week 37: 09/06-12

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

 A glimpse into what it is like to live in our home just this moment. 

Intentional Outdoor Hours: 459+ hours (of 1000)
Up about 16 hours this week. The weather is still feeling like late summer/early fall - so we have been spending plenty of time on the porch and outside after school.

Reading Crooked House by Agatha Christie

Swimming one last time at Gigi and Pappy's for the end of the summer season. It was pretty cold, but that doesn't stop these kids from jumping in! 

Getting new chickies! because you know we need it with five kids, five goats, 9 chickens, full time jobs, and coaching youth sports? more chickens. the answer is always more chickens. We need more chickens! (please read that like Christopher Walken demanding "We need more cowbell"). 

Focusing on innovation instead of annoyance when Grey took the tractor and mowed a golf driving range in our FRONT YARD. Good grief - B had just mowed beautifully and while Bud was at a school board meeting, Grey cut-almost own to the dirt- driving range from the front door across the driveway to the pear tree in the bottom part of the yard. I stood there looking at the damage already done (I had been feeding Red when I heard the tractor, but Grey rides it around the yard like a quad so I didn't even think twice about it) and thought to myself, "well it's already done and it was pretty creative, so...let this one go?" Remember that snippet from the Last Lecture about how his parents let him draw on his bedroom walls - that's what I was thinking. so ...carpe diem?

Researching goats some more (like always). Donut has been biting out patches of her own hair and we don't know what's up. We talked to some goat owners and they suggested getting some spray (which has been awesome) but we have our eye on it to see if its something more. 

Thanking first responders for 9/11. My students signed cards for our resource officer, our fire school teacher, and I wrote little thank you notes for all of my students that are volunteer fire fighters. After school the kids all made thank you drawings for our neighbor (and their school resource officer) Mr. Mike. While we delivered the notes, our goats followed us through the path to our house like a parade and started eating their grass! Hahahah, we had to make the visit short and chase them back over to our house - it was actually pretty hilarious. 

Going in all directions which is pretty standard for a big family I guess. Grey had a sleepover at cousin Caleb's house Sunday into Labor Day (thank you Heather!) and we got a visit from Gigi and Pappy on Labor Day evening at our house. Grey had a dentist appointment this week that I mixed up and so he got out of school early TWO DAYS in a row because I'm a dum-dum. B had a golf tourney on Saturday and then met up with us later that evening at cousin Benny's birthday party. I barely made it to only 1 Open house zoom meeting on Thursday night (while feeding and putting Red to bed LOL) and B had a school board meeting this week too. My planner and our fridge calendar is the only things that keep my eyes from crossing every week! 

Fall sporting with three football practices and one cheer practice. We had a bye week with the Labor Day holiday so we got to take it easy for fall sports and that was just fine by me!

Teaching colors and days of the week in Spanish 1. Spanish 2 continued their Comida unit while Spanish 3 watched the Selena movie to in preparation of Hispanic Heritage Month next week. (Love that movie so much!) Spanish 4 did some pre-reading work for their upcoming novel Robo en la Noche. They made predictions about characters and studied vocab words. 

Making pork tostados and homemade haluski, creamy potato soup and beer bread, and meatloaf. We got a delivery of pulled pork and mac&cheese via side by side from our Uncle Buck & Kuma for Labor Day (thank you!) and it was such a welcome surprise for the holiday!