Sunday night gratitude

Sunday, October 25, 2015

you guys, so I'm down to twenty minutes before this whole day is over and it's been a long, busy one.  A great one, but long and busy and maybe i'll get to my Saturday week in the life photo series make-up tomorrow, or maybe not.  and we just watched the walking dead (!!!!!) and I'm feeling a tad emotionally drained (hah, but not kidding), and also I'm ready for bed.

So let me just say this, after a great weekend with my two best friends and all of our kids playing, laughing, tattle-telling, arguing, make-believing, giggling, whining, sharing, and loving each other...

I hope with the deepest heart hope, that my kids will grow up and come to know friends like the friends that I have in Katie and Karpy.

I am so grateful for our friendship and for you in my life.
love forevs.
and evs.

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