Week in the Life: Friday

Saturday, October 24, 2015

photos taken: 33 

We started the morning off right and had a yum breakfast with the sun pouring through the kitchen windows.  Also, TgiFriday.  Also, a weekend with my best friends is on the horizon so all good things!

The girls and I worked around the house on chores in the morning and playing to pass the time.  I had stuff to run up in the attic (seriously, the only organized place in this joint), and bathrooms to clean, and the baby's clothes to fold.  Gemmi was kind enough to brush (and wet with water) Violet's hair to get her 'hairdo' fixed for the day.  

For lunch, I threw together little snack plates for them (cheese, crackers, croutons and ranch for gemmi -her favorite!) while I tossed a takeout style Pad Thai meal in the microwave.  Our little seagulls then of course ate half of my lunch then and Gem had to have some chopsticks of her own.  That little mockingbird, she is just mimicking my every word and move these days!

By the time Violet went down for her nap, I had our weekend bag to pack and a running list of last minute things that needed done like running the dishwasher, throwing on a crockpot dinner for Brandon, and taking care of the pets.  I also took an especially long time to blog since I was alternating blogging and reading my book yesterday (multitasking does not work, tabitha), but I'm really in the groove of the story and I couldn't help myself.  

I got the truck loaded up and the girls tossed into the truck in enough time to run to get gas before Grey got off the bus.  He ran smiling (! Sleepover day!) and if it wasn't for this photo series, I never would have gotten that picture of him and if for nothing else, I think I'm grateful for that photo!

As Grey was getting in the truck for us to leave, I turned around and see Brandon pulling up right in front of us at the bus stop!  He hopped out and said, "I made it in time!" which made me smile like a high schooler.  We got hugs from Dad then and even switched vehicles on account of the truck's power steering issues (ugh forever) and I was relieved to know I'd have an easy ride with the car. Dad for the win, once again!

We switched over all the car seats and supplies, said goodbye, and we were on our way for a weekend of fun with my two very best friends and their kids!  #aktpluskids

From the moment we stepped foot into the Fiore house, it was all on the go and crazy fun.  Loud mayhem and fun.  Just the whole entire night from about 5:30p until I think the big kids finally fell asleep (downstairs in a sleepover - Gemma's first ever) around 11:00pm.  We played, had a Mexican fiesta feast for dinner (thank you Michael!) and brownie and ice cream sundaes for dessert.  Super bonus, I got to spend time with Kate and Karpy; her and Andrew visiting all the way from NC this weekend just for us!

 And now, please excuse all the grammar errors and misspellings.  But I am leaving right this second for a real grown-up girl dinner with those two very best friends.  So, bye!  xxoxo

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