Week in the Life: Introduction

Sunday, October 18, 2015

This week, I'm going to be capturing our everyday life over here to share, hopefully in what becomes sort of a time capsule of what our life looks like right now as it is with our three little gremlins and whirlwind days that when I turn around and it's bedtime again I feel both relieved and confused - where does the day go? My friend Ashley from the Big White Farmhouse participated in the Week in a Life project this past summer and it was inspiring to see how it really does capture the feeling of life as it is right now.

I know there will be things that are very much a part of my life that won't make it into the posts, things that I can't grab the camera to capture in the moment.  Like the real circus show act that is trying to wrestle a one year old that has just been bathed and lotion-ed into long sleeve pajamas.  (whew, exhausting!) But, I'm excited to see the bits of our everyday life that shine through with the goal of taking photos consistently throughout the days this week.  It is daunting, but I'm excited.

I will be taking photos each day and then posting them the following day (so today's photos will be up tomorrow: Monday) and then I hope to incorporate them into our 2015 yearbook next year as a more in depth picture of our "What did it feel like to live in our home this year" section.

Some of my hopes for this week include:

  • to use my 'real' camera for most (all?) of the pictures, I have become so dependent on the ease of grabbing my cellphone that my beautiful Nikon is often neglected.  Not this week!
  • to use the self-timer on my camera to get myself into some of the pictures
  • to photograph the real stuff of our life as it is right now, to grow this week in recognizing the small bits of our life that are both messy and wonderful.  both frustrating yet short lived in the age of raising small
  • to try different angles, settings, zooms - that I aren't in my regular comfort zone
  • take at least 30 photos each day
eek! I'm excited and a little scared, hah.
welcome into a week in the life of Team Studer!


  1. So excited that you're going to tackle this! It's intense to keep looking at life through the "what do I want to remember about right now?" lens, but SO worth it. I've looked over our week again and again already.