Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Traveling parents give consent to grandparents for medical decisions

Most descriptive blog title ever?  hahha, thats because I wanted other parents to be able to find this...because it took me awhile of googling to find what I was looking for.  So anyway, while getting a quick check up on my runny nosed kid today, it was suggested to me by our darling nurse that we could get it in writing that our parents had consent to make medical decisions for Booboo while we were out of town...which was the best advice I've received in the past 24 hours. 

After googling for a few moments, I finally stumbled across what I was looking for on mamapedia and wanted to share as well.  The last thing we want is for Booboo to have to go to the hospital while we are out of the country.  But even worse than that would be for him to get there and need ER care and it would be held up in red tape because we forgot to give authorization to his grandparents to make decisions for us when we can't be reached.  So we've typed up two versions of the following (one for each set of grandparents) and will have them ready...just in case, heaven forbid.

We, ________________, the parents of ______________ a minor, hereby authorize _____________________(grandparents), to act in our place and to give any consent that may be required for the care, treatment, or necessary surgery to cure or relieve my aforementioned child from any affliction requiring emergency or necessary curative treatment including surgical care while we are out of the country. We further represent that we will be responsible for all charges incurred.

Parent/Legal Custodian Signature:_____________________________

Parent/Legal Custodian Print: _________________________________

Child's Family Doctor: _________________________________
Phone Number: ______________________________
Address: ____________________________________
It probably would be even better to get your signatures notorized, but from what I've read online - this usually suffices in an emergency.  We'll also make sure that we send his health insurance card and SS card with him too. 


  1. Love this thank you! I was just googling the same thing and your post was almost at the top! Now to go find the statement that goes along with the notary...

  2. wonderful! I googled looking for this exact thing, and your site came up first! thank you so much!

  3. I was googling this as well. This was extremely helpful! Thank you soooo much!

  4. Nailed the title...thanks for taking the time to think that through and making it a one-link access. All the best rr

  5. Thank you very much :).

  6. Thank you. I needed this for a vacation two of my children are going on with my parents.

  7. thanks. I came across this right away and cut/paste right into google docs.

  8. Thank you for this info. I found it right away. Very helpful! BTW Perfect title :)

  9. I googled this and it was the first thing to come up. Save me lots of time! Thanks!!