The County Fair

Saturday, October 10, 2015

It's one of my favorite early fall traditions to head out to our local county fair with my parents for an evening.  We made good on that tradition in early September this year and spent a great evening riding rides, making memories, and visiting with the animals.  Here's a little recap of some serious family fun at the Cambria County Fair this year.

We headed out to the county fair on a night that had beautiful weather, we caught a quick bite to eat and then under the demands of the small children in our group - we made our way to the amusement rides because they needed to ride.all.the.rides.  Even our little Violet Mary (an old pro at riding the kiddie rides at this point, ha) was deliriously happy to get on as many rides as possible.

The big kids even braved the ferris wheel this year with Chum and Aunt Uch!  Greyson and Gemma enjoyed the kiddie rollercoaster while Violet cheered happily from the sidelines.  Violet loved riding the kiddie cars (she cried each time I took her off the ride) and the kids happily went through the mixed up house about twenty times.  Uch and I rode the salt and pepper shaker ride (upside down!) and then Brandon and I rode the Spider/Scrambler ride - both of which I just laughed/screamed the entire time.  Amusement parks are getting so much more fun now that the kids are getting taller and brave enough to ride 'real' rides.  Poor Gem was just shy by about an inch for the big rides, but we told her that by next year, she'll be on all of them right next to Booboo!

Violet got a special treat with Abba!  They took a ride on a camel!  Both Violet and Abba's first camel ride, hah!  Now that is one lucky baby.  Violet wasn't afraid at all and afterward spent some time staring at and speaking weird baby/camel sounds to him.

We spent time on the rides well into the dark and then headed over to the animal barns to visit with them for a little while.  It was getting late (and a school night!) so we went through a little quicker than we have in past years - the kids so interested in rides contributed to this too! - but the kids still love to look at all the animals and ask a million times when we're getting a horse/cow/sheep/goat/pig.  

Another memorable year of county fair memories for all of us!


  1. Violet looks SO much like Greyson in that first picture. Crazy! And your sister & Gemma look like twins in their pic, too! Your family is SO cute!

    1. I definitely see flashes of Greyson and Violet look-alikes, but not all the time. I think it's hard for me to see because they're personalities are so different from each other. thank youuuu!