crush time

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The one thing that holds this marriage together when being a grown up gets to be too much is that Bud and I are best friends.  Let me give you a minute to go throw up a little bit.  I know, so cliche, but we geniunely just like hanging out with each other and laughing about the same dumb stuff.  And since we're such good friends it often leads to conversations that sound like this:

"No, I'm seriously calling a courtesy sniff on this.  You need to go in the bathroom right now." 
"Ugh, fine......omigosh!  [while laughing hysterically] I almost just passed out.  Don't let Bullet or Grey go in there; that could kill a small child or animal."

Another very friend thing we do, that somehow does no harm to our relationship or egos, is talk uninhibited about our celeb crushes.  I probably shouldn't annouce things like, "sexiest," when Channing Tatum is dancing and my tries-really-hard-to-dance husband is sitting next to me.   And Bud probably shouldn't say things like, "she's so hot," when Blake Lively struts across the screen with her mile-high legs while his 5'4'' wife can barely touch the floor while sitting on the couch.   But we do and neither of us takes any insult in it because first; we're friends, and that's the kinds of things you say out loud when you're with your friend.  And second; its kind of nice to know what your partner finds attractive in other people.  So Bud tries to dance and I wear high heels, and we both appreciate the gesture. 

In no particular order (ya know, just in case you are itching to know this stupid crap about us, hah), here are our crushes:

Brandon:  it is no secret that Bud has a type.  Its blonde.  he's happily married to a brunette in the fall/winter and a blonde in the spring/summer, but if he had his way, I'd be bleach blonde all year long.

Blake Lively.  Obviously, ain't no denyin' that the girl is gorgeous.

 Brittany Daniel.  Only once in my life have I witnessed Brandon think someone was so hot that he literally howled like a wolf.  I'm not making this up.  And his howling was at Brittany Daniel as Brandy in Joe Dirt.  (I know, the only thing more embarassing than uncontrollably howling is doing it while watching such a classic like Joe Dirt).

Miranda Lambert. First, she's adorable.  Second, Bud loves her voice.  High five to Blake Shelton.

 Pam Anderson.  (I know.)  But he's a guy.  And she's basically every guy's dream.  Can I blame him?

Mike Rowe.  Serious man crush.  We sit and laugh at Dirty Jobs marathons for days.  Plus Mike is the voiceover for basically every other show that Bud watches, so that doesn't hurt the man crush.  Mike Rowe is the coolest.

Tab:  the criteria for my list is boys that are really good at making the "I'm so in love with you that it hurts me" face in movies.  seriously.  i die for the face.

 Bryan Greenberg.  Love him.  Have you seen the movie Prime?  Because his character in that movie is the basis of my love for him.

 Channing Tatum.  Seriously?  I'm not even explaining myself on this one.

Matthew Goode.  Adorable.  I'm not ashamed to say that I got my first crush on him from the horribly, amazing first-daughter-dates-the-bodyguard movie he was in with Mandy Moore.  (in case you want to google that - let me save you the trouble, its Chasing Liberty and I have a copy of it).

Joseph Gordon Levitt.  Such a crush on him, it ain't even funny.  I have seen 500 Days of Summer so many times that its kind of embarassing.  I just tried to watch it the other day on HBO on demand and Bud was like, "Seriously, I know you've seen this like 20 times."

 Kat Von D.  I think she is so BA and awesome.  But since I am a little heartbroken over the Jesse James/Sandra Bullock break up...I'm going to have to throw in my alternate girl crush instead (wait, its not normal to have an alternate girl crush?  sorry, deal with it, hah.)

Mila Kunis.  Not that 70's show Mila.  I mean Forgetting Sarah Marshall/Black Swan Mila. 

Do you and your best friend/partner have celeb crushes?  Any of them the same as ours?


  1. Aaron is all about your girl crush, Mila Kunis. And he's madly in love with with Minka Kelly, Gabby from Parenthood.

    I'm a seriously obsessed Mark Wahlberg fan (not Marky Mark days) and Dustin Pedroia, even though he's not "hot", he is such an amazing baseball player and gives it 200% every game. Ryan Reynolds is not far behind.

    And I love Chasing Liberty!

  2. oooh, Minka Kelly is a good one! oh yes, Mark Wahlberg (i'm thinking Itailan job) and Ryan Reynolds anyday. hhahhah!

    too funny about Chasing Liberty - seriously, love it. hah